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UI/UX audit services we offer:

UX research
UX research

Our UX research services involve a deep dive into your user’s behavior, needs and motivations. We use various techniques like interviews, surveys and usability testing to understand your users and create effective UX designs.

UX audit
UX audit

We offer a detailed analysis of your product’s user experience. Our UX experts help identify usability issues, recommend improvements and offer solutions to enhance your product’s effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction.

UI audit
UI audit

Our UI audit experts examine your user interface for its effectiveness in usability, consistency and aesthetics. We aim to identify areas of friction and provide actionable recommendations to improve your user interface design.

Ecommerce UI/UX audit
Ecommerce UI/UX audit

We evaluate your ecommerce platform’s user interface and experience, identifying areas that can be optimized to improve navigation, user engagement and conversion rates.

Website UX audit
Website UX audit

Our website UX audit service assesses your website’s user experience. Our experts identify usability issues in your application and provide recommendations to enhance user satisfaction and engagement, ultimately driving better conversion rates.

Web app UX audit
Web app UX audit

We review your web application’s user experience to identify and address usability issues. Our auditing team provides actionable recommendations to improve user satisfaction and engagement, optimizing your web application’s performance.

Mobile app UX audit
Mobile app UX audit

Evaluate your app’s user experience leveraging our mobile app UX audit services. We help identify usability problems and provide solutions to improve user engagement and satisfaction, thereby increasing your app’s success rate.

Usability testing
Usability testing

Our usability testing service examines how user-friendly your product is. We conduct tests with real users to understand their experience and interaction with your product, identifying areas for improvement.

Accessibility testing
Accessibility testing

Leverage our accessibility testing services to ensure your product is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. We check your product against accessibility standards, ensuring compliance and inclusivity.

Performance testing
Performance testing

We conduct performance testing to assess your product’s speed, stability and scalability under different workloads. This helps to identify any performance issues and optimize your product for peak performance.

Content assessment
Content assessment

Our content assessment experts examine the quality and effectiveness of your content in engaging users and driving conversions. Further, we provide recommendations for content optimization to align with your user’s needs and preferences.

UX audit report
UX audit report

We provide a comprehensive report detailing the findings of our UX audit. This includes a prioritized list of issues and actionable recommendations for enhancing your product’s user experience.

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A bad user experience directly translates into losing money. The reality is that very few customers take the time to complain, the majority simply leave to never return. What’s more, these dissatisfied customers often share their negative experiences with others, causing further damage to your brand’s reputation.

Conversely, good design can foster trust and loyalty, enhancing customer satisfaction and also encouraging repeat business. As customer expectations rise with time, it’s crucial to keep up and provide seamless, intuitive experiences across all platforms, at all times.

To help you achieve this, Daffodil Software offers comprehensive UX audit services. Our experienced team can help tackle your UX issues and transform your digital platforms to create user-friendly, effective solutions that meet your needs and exceed customer expectations. Let’s navigate the wave of rising customer expectations together, turning UX challenges into growth opportunities with UX audit services.

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What do you get with your UX audit report?

Comprehensive evaluation

Our UX audit report provides a thorough assessment of your product from a user experience perspective. We analyze all aspects of your product’s design, including interface elements, navigation, information architecture and content. This holistic view allows us to identify potential areas of improvement and provide actionable insights to enhance your product’s overall user experience.

Usability assessment report

Our detailed usability assessment report is a crucial part of the UX audit. It evaluates how user-friendly and intuitive your product is from the perspective of your target audience. We assess factors such as ease of use, accessibility and error management, providing you with a comprehensive report on areas that need improvement to boost usability.

User journey map

We provide a user journey map that visually represents your users’ interactions with your product or application. This map outlines the steps users take, their motivations, pain points and emotions at each stage. It’s a valuable tool to understand your users better, identify potential friction points in their journey and propose solutions to enhance their overall experience.

Top action items & expert recommendations

Our UX audit report concludes with a set of top action items and expert recommendations. These are prioritized suggestions based on our findings, aimed at improving your product’s user experience. These recommendations could range from simple design tweaks to more substantial changes in your product’s structure or functionality, all aimed at enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are UX audit services?

These are systematic procedures used to evaluate how user-friendly a product or system is. A UX audit involves assessing the interface and interaction flow, then comparing this with established human-centered design principles. The goal is to identify where users might struggle and why, and provide actionable recommendations to improve the overall user experience.

For enterprise software applications, a UX audit can be crucial as it can:

◉ help uncover design flaws or usability issues
◉ help resolve issues that may be hindering user engagement or efficiency
◉ help enhance user satisfaction, increase productivity and potentially lend a positive impact on your business metrics.

Not at all. It’s never too early to consider a UX audit. Startups, despite being in early stages, can greatly benefit from them.

UX evaluation can provide early insights into user behaviors, needs, and expectations, helping your startup to align the product development process with these findings. This early intervention can save costs down the line by minimizing extensive redesign and helping to establish a strong user base from the get-go.

Our comprehensive UX audit report will:

◉ Detail the audit findings, highlighting areas of concern and providing possible reasons for these issues
◉ Include actionable recommendations for improvements, prioritized based on their potential impact on the user experience
◉ Offer roadmap for implementing these recommendations, complete with estimated timelines and resources

While the frequency can depend on several factors, a good rule of thumb is to conduct a UX audit whenever significant changes are made to the product, or at least once a year. Regular audits ensure that the product stays relevant to the users’ needs and expectations, and remains competitive in the market.

The timeline and cost can vary widely, depending on the scope of the audit, the size and complexity of the product/application and the specific requirements of the business.

Some audits can be completed within a few weeks, while others might take several months.

The cost can also vary. It’s advisable to get a customized quote from our professional UI/UX audit experts.