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The global Managed Cloud Services market size is projected to grow from USD 99.0 billion in 2022 to USD 164.0 billion by the year 2027.

The rise of serverless infrastructures and huge market size opens up several windows of opportunities to make your move to the cloud. However, transitioning to the cloud alone cannot guarantee the success of your business. To effectively manage, optimize and scale your business operations, you would need the expertise and guidance of reliable managed cloud service providers (MCSPs).

With extensive hands-on experience in delivering agile cloud solutions, our managed cloud experts can help to build & execute a comprehensive & cost-effective cloud strategy, enable secure & hassle-free shift from on-premise to cloud environment, aid with single or multi-cloud adoption and provide proactive support so you can focus on your business goals better.

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Value of Managed Cloud Services

Tap into the hidden potential of cloud with our managed cloud services:

Cloud consulting

Our team of certified cloud experts will assist you in selecting the right cloud platform, strategize the best-suited migration approach, resolve existing challenges, & identify hidden opportunities in your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud migration
Cloud migration

We offer comprehensive cloud migration assistance to help you move your legacy IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud in a secure manner while ensuring seamless business continuity.

Cloud optimization
Cloud optimization

Maximize your cloud performance with the help of our managed cloud optimization services. Our team of certified cloud professionals will help you optimize your cloud environment, minimize downtime, and reduce costs.

Cloud modernization
Cloud modernization

Stay ahead of the curve and align cloud applications with your long-term business goals and strategies to enable a successful growth trajectory with our managed cloud modernization services.

Cloud monitoring & support
Cloud monitoring & support

Increase operational efficiency and optimize your cloud investments with our managed cloud monitoring services. Our cloud experts will provide real-time visibility into your cloud infrastructure to help you make informed business decisions.

Cloud security & compliance
Cloud security & compliance

Keep your cloud environment protected from external threats with our managed cloud security & compliance services. We ensure that your cloud solution is secure & meets the latest industry standards and regulations.

DevOps on cloud
DevOps on cloud

Maximize your cloud infrastructure’s potential with our comprehensive cloud-native DevOps services with tools such as Azure DevOps services, GCP DevOps services, and AWS DevOps services.

Backup and disaster recovery
Backup and disaster recovery

Our backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to ensure that your data is secure, reliable, and easily accessible in the event of a disaster. Hire certified cloud experts today and safeguard your critical data.

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Why choose Daffodil’s managed cloud services:

Rapid cloud deployments

Don’t let slow cloud deployments hold you back from achieving your business goals. With our managed cloud services, you’ll be able to deploy new services and applications faster, reducing the time to market and increasing your competitive advantage.

Faster evolution

Evolve your IT infrastructure at a faster pace, without sacrificing security or performance. Our team of experts will help you with a cloud environment that is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements, so you can focus on your core business activities.

Customized strategy

Our cloud experts will work with you to identify your pain points, understand your goals, and determine the best approach to meet your specific needs. We will provide you with a tailored solution that aligns with your business strategy, while leveraging the latest technologies and tools to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Cloud computing expertise

Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, implement new cloud-based solutions, or optimize your existing cloud environment, our cloud engineers will help you with the latest technologies and tools to make it possible.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are managed cloud services?

Managed Cloud Services are third-party services that provide businesses with professional management and optimization of their cloud computing environment.

A managed cloud services provider (MSP) is responsible for managing and maintaining cloud infrastructure and applications. Some of the tasks performed by a managed cloud services provider include:

Scaling of cloud resources
Monitoring and management of the cloud environment
Implementation and maintenance of security controls
Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
Cost optimization

The benefits of managed cloud services include:
Cost savings
Scalability and reliability
Improved security
Specialized expertise
Faster time-to-market

To choose the right managed cloud services provider (MCSP), consider factors such as the technical expertise, reliability, and security measures, as well as the cost and scalability of their services. It is also important to ensure that the provider’s services align with your specific business needs and requirements.

Cloud and Managed Services are related but distinct concepts. Cloud provides access to computing resources, while Managed Services provide professional management of those resources.