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Transforming banking, together

Digital transformation in the banking industry has caught on like wildfire. The evolution was hastened with the increase in utilization of mobile devices and internet based technology. Most customers prefer doing banking related activities from the comfort of their homes. Banking technology has eliminated the need for people to visit banks except for most pressing cases. There has also been a marked improvement in banking infrastructure. Digitization has positively impacted productivity and hence, customer experience. Our full stack banking IT services help you ride the digital wave to your advantage and delight your customers.

Banking Technology Solutions

The value we deliver

IT services for banks and banking software solutions

The banking IT services we offer

CORE banking software solutions

Our CORE banking software solutions integrate all the information required for seamless daily banking operations like processes, channels, products, customer information and management tools through a central database. With our banking IT services expand reach, reduce operational cost and improve functioning through a single interface that enables you to have greater control over banking activities.

Mobile banking
Mobile banking

Allow customers to perform banking operations from anywhere, anytime through their mobile devices. Introduce new features or extend the functionalities of existing features with our customized banking IT services for mobile banking. Delight  your customers with a seamless, secure and convenient banking experience.

 Cloud banking software solutions

With our cloud banking capabilities speed up innovation, scale up business, achieve faster growth and optimize business operations. Cloud banking software solutions promise a more personalized experience to customers and a growth in revenue to financial companies via new digital distribution channels and introduction of innovative services.

Loan management software

With our lending solutions keep track of end–to-end loan management services such as loan origination, risk management, audit and reporting and regulatory compliances. Provide consistent and seamless digital borrowing experience to customers. Our banking IT services for lending also facilitates customer on-boarding, increases transparency and streamlines back office operations.

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CORE banking operations, defined

CORE stands for Centralized Online Real-time Exchange. CORE banking software connects all branches to a central server so that basic banking transactions- deposits, loaning and credit processing, can be automated. Core banking solutions are dependent on the type of customer base that a bank targets. The basic goal is to improve customer experience and reduce operational expenses.
Hence, while the bank benefits from lower time and cost spent on mundane banking operations, customers benefit from having more freedom in transactions.

The most significant CORE banking operations are:
1. Internet banking
2. ATM
3. Phone banking
4. Fund transfer immediately and remotely (NIFT, IMPS)
5. Point of sale systems
6. Mobile payments
7. Credit/debit card issuance

Daffodil offers a wide range of CORE banking IT services to benefit our clients.

Trends in US banking Industry

  1. E-Wallets

    Post-pandemic e-wallets have gained immense popularity. They facilitate contactless, instant payments through any iOS and Android mobile device. E-wallets provide personalized customer experience and are user friendly.
    According to report published by Allied Market Research, about 4 billion people are expected to shift to using e-wallets by 2024 which makes e-wallets a trend to watch out for in Banking IT services sector.
  2. API Implementation

    Application programming interfaces allow linking of databases of a service to an application. This enables secure transmission of highly confidential user data without involving a third party. For the banking industry this is a godsend since the reputation of any bank rests on its ability to keep personal user information secure.
  3. Open BankingOpen banking is a new age banking service that uses API’s to aggregate a customers financial data and make it accessible through any device, anywhere in the world. It allows third party payment services to access a user’s financial data after getting their consent. Users can get insights on their spending patterns, access their transaction history and make better financial decisions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Why do financial institutions need banking software?

In today’s digital era where customers are looking to avail all types of services through their phones, it is imperative that financial institutions re-engineer their services. Quick, secure transactions, no waiting time to avail basic services like debit card/credit card issuance, loan applications are a few of the services that users wish immediate access to. Staying digitally relevant is necessary to survive in a fast moving industry like banking.

– The big idea
We start with understanding your vision and project requirements
– Market research & feasibility analysis
After confirming the idea we conduct a thorough market research to understand the current market offerings and how our service will help bridge the gap
– Software development process is followed as per SDLC

The cost of making a banking software depends on the expectations of the clients – the features they are looking to develop/integrate, the set of technologies being used, the estimated delivery time they are looking for and the resources being used from our end.