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The Financial Services sector is incredibly dynamic. There are continuous changes in regulations, introduction of new financial instruments and other technological advancements. It’s imperative for financial institutions to continuously reinvent themselves to survive and thrive in the financial market.

Daffodil’s financial software development capabilities help financial enterprises and startups stay ahead of the curve. Our services are conceived keeping in mind the challenges faced by end users. We help our clients meet customer expectations and delight them with intuitive products and services to meet their financial challenges.

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The services we offer

Custom fintech application development
Custom fintech application development

We develop end-to-end robust fintech solutions on web and mobile platforms. Our experts will work closely with you to understand challenges and develop project level solutions that include architecture,  design and deployment details featuring real time data interactions, payment gateways, custom reporting, and analysis models. 

Accounting information systems

Custom cloud based accounting information system integrated with smart business intelligence applications, ERP applications and remote generation modules that help in collecting, storing and processing financial and accounting data. All in adherence with financial regulations and standards.

Insurance management software

Our custom insurance software development capabilities drive success oriented insurance automation to facilitate insurance companies increase productivity. We develop intuitive insurance management systems integrated with banking and credit institutions to securely monitor and reconcile accounts with our financial solutions.

Stock trading software

With our fintech software development services create stock trading software solutions that are fast, reliable and secure. Enable your customers to invest in the right stocks through fundamental and technical analysis features. Reduce trading lag time with real time market monitoring, stock trading and quick transaction processing features.

Wealth management software
Wealth management software

Our wealth management software capabilities are designed to facilitate wealth managers integrate their full business cycle under one suite. From front office to back office have all the information at your fingertips. Our services are customizable as per the segment being served by our clients- high net worth individuals or single/multi family businesses.

  Payment processing software

Daffodil offers payment processing software development that permits one click payment transfer facilities to customers over the internet while ensuring utmost security. We build scalable payment solution software and offer customized integrations with payment gateways. Make trust & security your USP with our financial software development services.

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Fintech insights

Today's fintech industry

According to GlobeNewswire the fintech industry is slated to grow at a CAGR of 23.58% in four years. This growth is mainly driven by massive investments in fintech by startups, banks and companies. Big players like PayPal, Robinhood, Google Pay lead the industry with frequent innovations and product releases.

The cost of fintech app development is a little on the higher end due to stringent security protocol integrations. As per Statista’s latest report on Fintech Mobile payments are the leading drivers of investments by banks. 

Challenges facing the fintech industry

Security: Fintech companies are always under threat of cybercrime. They handle highly sensitive personal data of users and move large amounts of money on a daily basis. It’s imperative for them to have up-to-date security protocols in place. Our fintech app development services are built keeping data safety at the center of the software solution model.

Technology: The fintech industry is incredibly dynamic. There are constant changes in existing technology and the introduction of new features and services. To stay ahead of the competition fintech companies must constantly innovate and come up with intuitive solutions to challenges faced by customers. We offer cloud computing, AI/ML, and data analytics services among others to help our clients always stay ahead of the competition.

Regulations: Fintech businesses must comply with strict regulatory norms to be able to operate across geographies. Daffodil offers regulation and compliance management software to aid fintech companies to navigate regulations and seamlessly operating across multiple states and geographies.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the steps in fintech app development followed by Daffodil?

  1. Daffodil follows a simple, client feedback oriented development approach:
    – Requirement Analysis
    – Prototyping
    – Designing
    – programming
    – testing
    – Deployment
    – Maintenance
    We ensure strict compliance with regulatory standards 

We offer full-stack financial software development services. To name a few:
– Digital Wallets
– Financial planning software
– Mobile banking solutions
– claims management
– Document management system
– Customer behavior analysis

The time taken to develop a fintech app depends on the complexity of the project. We begin by understanding the business challenges and goals of the client and suggesting best possible financial software development solutions to fit their needs. Once the planning is done as per client’s satisfaction our team gets back with delivery estimates. Our aim is to always deliver high quality solutions in minimum time and cost.

The cost of making financial applications depends on the expectations of the clients – the features they are looking to develop/integrate, the set of technologies being used, the estimated delivery time they are looking for and the resources being used from our end.