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Reduce business complexities & seize opportunities leveraging our cutting-edge Managed Services

Most organizations are operating under great pressure to scale efficiently and quickly. However, in order to achieve both goals at the same time and bridge the gap between operations and innovation – resorting to Managed IT Services is the need of the hour.

Managed Services can be your go-to option for 360 degree strategic, financial & operation success without draining your resources or constraining agility. Whether you need to simplify operations or are looking to reduce the complexity of multiple ownerships – managed services can help with both & more.

Bring-in skilled resources with the right expertise and focus on core-competencies of your business with Daffodil Software’s Managed IT Services.

About Managed IT Services

Drive business strategy with confidence leveraging managed IT services that offer:

What Are Managed IT Services?

Keep your applications & IT infrastructure secure, optimized & cost-effective with our managed IT services

Managed application support
Managed application support

Ensure seamless operation & continuous improvement of your critical applications by outsourcing management, maintenance, and enhancement. With our Managed Application Support Services, you can avoid backlogs & minimize the risk of disruptions, while staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards. Our team monitors all mission-critical metrics around the clock, providing you with valuable insights and proactive solutions to potential issues.

Salesforce managed services

Optimize your Salesforce platform with the help of our certified Salesforce experts who can further provide ongoing support to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. With our proactive system monitoring, custom development options, data management, and support services, we can help you get the most out of your investment in Salesforce.

Managed testing services

Test the quality and reliability of your software with our comprehensive Managed Testing Services. Our QA professionals can help you optimize your software development process, providing ongoing support and guidance to help you meet your quality goals. Our range of testing services include usability, regression, performance, security testing & more, all tailored to meet your specific needs.

Cloud managed services

Experience a flexible, automated and optimized cloud infrastructure through our managed cloud services using major cloud technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure etc.
Our managed cloud solutions are tailored to meet your specific business needs, whether you require help with cloud migration, optimization, cost management, or compliance.

DevOps managed services
DevOps managed services

By automating your software testing and deployment processes with DevOps managed services, you can release software with greater speed and confidence, without sacrificing quality. Our DevOps experts can work with your teams to implement a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline that automates the build, test, and deployment stages of your software development lifecycle.

Managed security services

Security threats are constantly evolving & are becoming more sophisticated. Hence, it is essential for businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to security threats. From vulnerability assessments to threat detection and incident response, our Security Managed Services provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain a strong security posture. Partner with Daffodil Software to protect your digital assets from the ever-increasing threat landscape.

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Why are we the right partners for you?

Proactive monitoring & maintenance

Our proactive monitoring and maintenance approach helps identify and fix potential issues before they become major problems. With round-the-clock monitoring, we can detect and address any anomalies in real-time, ensuring that your business-critical systems remain up and running.

Dynamic compliance landscape

Our team stays up-to-date with the ever-changing compliance landscape. We provide ongoing support to help you navigate complex compliance requirements and mitigate risks.

Continuous learning & evolution

Remaining stagnant in the IT industry can lead to outdated technology, lost productivity, and security threats. Which is where our agile, adaptable, and cost-effective IT services fit perfectly well with your ever-evolving business requirements.

Transparency at granular level

We believe in complete transparency at every stage of the engagement. Our team offers granular level reporting to help you track performance metrics and measure the success of your IT initiatives.

Innovation redefined

We create technology forward, innovative software solutions to keep you ahead in the game, always.


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Frequently asked services (FAQs)

What are managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services refers to the outsourcing of IT management and support functions to a third-party provider. The managed services provider (MSP) takes on the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining IT infrastructure, software, security, and backup and recovery. The MSP typically offers a range of services that can be tailored to the needs of the client.

The benefits of managed IT Services are numerous, and they include cost savings, improved reliability and performance, enhanced security, access to expertise and resources, and the ability to focus on core business activities.

One of the most significant advantages of managed IT Services is cost savings. By outsourcing IT management and support, businesses can avoid the costs associated with hiring and training IT staff, purchasing and maintaining software, and managing infrastructure. MSPs can provide these services at a fraction of the cost of in-house IT staff, which can significantly reduce IT expenses.

MSPs typically offer pricing models based on the scope of services required, the complexity of the IT infrastructure, timeline, and the level of support needed.