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Scale without limits with offshore software development

Leverage our astute expertise in custom software and application engineering to spearhead your software projects. Tap Daffodil Software’s massive talent pool with expertise in the latest as well as conventional technologies and tools to reduce your operating costs and scale quickly as per project requirements.

Daffodil Software is counted one of the top offshore software development companies because of its unique propositions of outsourcing software development, that is it has helped clients overcome major outsourcing challenges such as:

  • Time-zone overlapping
  • Communication
  • Transparency in project management
  • Consistent reporting
  • Data & IP security
  • Knowledge retention
Offshore Development Company

Benefits of offshore software development partner

Top Offshore Software Development Company

Our offshore software development services include:

Mobile App Development

Develop robust and high-performing mobile app solutions by outsourcing them to our experienced team of professionals. Daffodil provides full-cycle mobile app development services starting from requirement analysis, UI/UX design, development, and release to support & maintenance services. We help you set up your research and development team with our astute developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, etc who would be working dedicatedly on your projects based on your business requirements. Achieve faster time to market with productive and modern development trends, and user-centric mobile apps focusing on delivering an exceptional experience.

Web Application Development

Implement cutting-edge technologies for your web application development by outsourcing it to Daffodi’s team, which has 20+ years of experience in developing technologically advanced web applications for different industries. Our team aims at finding the right solutions using the apt technology stack to meet your business requirements. Partner with our team of developers to build hassle-free and viable web applications tailored according to your user’s needs. Daffodil has proven itself as a reliable offshore development company for its clients across the globe.

AI Application Development

Build a team of the best talent equipped with all the required skills, knowledge, and expertise to undertake your AI projects. Seamlessly blend AI solutions into your organizations to ramp up your work efficiency. Daffodil has a team of experts and broad expertise to undertake AI projects which involve AI consulting, data engineering, machine learning consulting, computer vision, MLOps, natural language processing, chatbot development, conversational AI, predictive analytics solutions, etc. Our team has the capacity to deliver effective AI applications and solutions for various project sizes across industries.

Software Testing Outsourcing

Our experts provide software testing at every stage of the development process along with precise documentation to ensure that your solutions surpass industry standards. We implement best testing practices to achieve accuracy, security, and global application performance standards. Daffodil provides different engagement models wherein the organization can hire one dedicated resource or an entire software testing team for their business based on their requirements.

Managed IT Services

Daffodil provides 24×7 support as an extension to your existing team via flexible engagement models for services such as managed cloud services, managed network & infrastructure services, managed QA services, etc. With professionally managed IT, and service providers, onboard, it becomes easier for an organization to achieve a balance between running operations efficiently and driving digital transformation. Experts at Daffodil not only help you with outstanding managed IT services at a nominal cost, but we also help you reduce the burden from your resources to focus more on your core business operations.

Salesforce Development

Drive maximum value out of your Salesforce platforms by partnering with Daffodil as an offshore development company for Salesforce implementation, development, support & maintenance. We enable organizations to leverage Salesforce to its full potential with its integration and customization options to provide a stellar user experience. Customize your Salesforce platforms resulting in efficient sales processes, personalized marketing campaigns & communications, and delivering top-notch customer support.

SaaS Application Development

Get your organization’s complex needs and requirements for a SaaS application addressed by our team of experts. Organizations across industries are now outsourcing their SaaS development requirements to offshore development companies to take advantage of their experienced resources, and their expertise in creating user-friendly SaaS applications using a range of cutting-edge technologies and fulfilling their custom business needs.

IoT Application Development

Create new-generation innovative solutions while partnering with Daffodil for your IoT application development. Our team develops top-quality IoT solutions for all sorts of connected devices while following the best practices for delivering high-speed IoT applications with seamless connectivity and multiple 3rd party systems. Our team has helped organizations in all industries to develop their IoT presence to drive more efficiency and market share.

UI/UX Design Services

Outsource your software’s or mobile app’s UI/UX design to leverage best practices in UX research and design principles through our team of seasoned UI/UX experts. Daffodil follows a user-centric design approach and provides you with a holistic evaluation of your product’s UX, and expert advice on product strategy, and helps you deliver coherent experiences to your customers or employees.


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Frequently asked questions

What is an offshore development center (ODC)?

An ODC is a software development setup located in a foreign country where labor and operating costs are comparatively lower than that of the headquartered office. It is a cost-effective option for organizations looking to outsource their software development projects, reducing their own burden while focusing on their core competencies.

The ODC partner help organizations to effectively and efficiently carry out software development projects with a team that includes experts in all aspects of the software development process such as business analysts, UI/UX experts, developers, testing experts, project managers, etc.  An ODC setup is a popular choice for organizations such as startups, IT service providers, or even enterprise companies who want to get their software solutions to get developed at speed and cost-effectively.

There are many benefits to setting up an offshore development center. Some of the reasons are:

Sufficient Control– When you partner with an offshore development center, you and your team would have as much control over the offshore IT team as over your in-house team in terms of timeline, deliverables, accountability, etc. This is made possible by various project management tools deployed by both organizations through mutual understanding.

Quick hiring– You would be able to onboard experienced developers and professionals without having to go through the pain of extensive hiring procedures and deal with issues such as notice periods, candidates dropping out, etc. While partnering with offshore development companies, you get quick hiring procedures, wherein you’ll be able to set up your whole team within a matter of few hiring, leading to saving a lot of time. The offshore development center would be responsible for the rigorous vetting of the resources while matching their expertise with your specific requirements, therefore saving you a lot of time from the painful process of setting up a professional team.

Cost-saving hiring– Daffodil Software has its team established in India wherein the costs such as development, resources costs, etc are much lower as compared to the US or European market, therefore saving your organization a huge amount of money. You will not have to worry about investing in office requirements or utilities for these newly hired resources in your team.

Expanded scope of technical expertise– Your organization would be able to expand its scope of technical expertise quickly by partnering with offshore development centers. These ODCs operate on different engagement models and organizations can leverage them to quickly expand their teams with qualified IT professionals with specialized skills in any phase of the development process.

Scalable resources– Your organization might have varied requirements based on its different projects and objectives, therefore, the number and kind of resources that your company needs may also vary. Partnering with ODCs provides organizations with great flexibility in terms of scaling up/down their resources based on their changing requirements.

You should choose Daffodil Software as your offshore development center in India as we have an industry experience of more than 20 years with 1000+ professionals having expertise across different technologies and domains. We have a proven track record of catering to our client’s projects & requirements with high-quality tech solutions within the assigned budget and timelines. Our experts have a strong understanding of different technologies and industry trends. They ensure that the best combination of technology stacks is being implemented for your project. With our intensive team of developers & project managers working around the clock, there is always an open channel of communication between teams to ensure that the timelines are met and all escalations are being handled on a priority basis. Daffodil has been an ODC for multiple organizations, therefore has an established pool of skilled professionals and will map them according to your requirements.

Before launching an offshore development project, it is very important for an organization to partner with an appropriate organization as its outsourcing vendor. Organizations which has delivered projects in your geography and industry, with whom your work ethics are on par. It is important for an organization to check its previous work. Furthermore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the objective of onboarding an ODC with a clear definition of their roles and responsibilities. Distribute the workload proportionately between your on-site and offshore teams based on skill sets and requirements. Launching an ODC project would also require your organization to sort out team structure and its hierarchy post the onboarding of the offshore team. Planning ODC security measure is important, therefore, discuss it well in advance with your ODC partner. At Daffodil, we sign NDAs with our clients, ensuring complete security.