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Software development services we offer:

Custom software engineering

Our custom software engineering services cover the entire range of activities to take your idea from conception to completion. Our full-cycle software development services include gathering requirements, prototyping, UI/UX design, development, quality testing, and maintenance.

UI/UX design services

design impactful products to help you stay ahead of the competition and provide the best user experience to your customers by utilizing our expertise in a user-centric, research-driven design approach and maximizing your user satisfaction and engagement.

DevOps services

DevOps services help shorten software development lifecycle and deliver robust, high-quality softwares. Automate and monitor your project delivery pipeline with our cutting edge DevOps practices entailing continuous delivery, test automation, budgeting and more.

Team augmentation services

Augment your IT team with our talent and resources. Keep better track of project delivery timelines and reduce time to market with the help of our dedicated development teams who can seamlessly engage with you and produce consistently high-quality results.

Mobile application development services

Scale up your business with our mobile app development services. Our dedicated teams can help create scalable, robust mobile application with rich features to address your business requirements.


Cloud application development

Our experts develop scalable and flexible applications for the cloud. Our cloud applications are designed to be reliable, secure, and efficient, to provide enhanced performance and cost savings.

Cloud consulting services

Our team of certified cloud experts will assist you in selecting the right cloud platform, strategize the best-suited migration approach, resolve existing challenges, & identify hidden opportunities in your cloud infrastructure.

Product design & development services

Create innovative products with our top-tier product design and development services. Identify areas of improvement, introduce innovative features, and revamp your product designs to increase relevance and appeal in the evolving market.

Managed IT services

Improve operations and reduce cost using our managed IT services. Let us handle responsibility for software development, deployment as well as IT support and complaint resolution while you focus on providing the best possible services to your clients.

Application support & maintenance services

Our application maintenance services help in identification and removal of defects and improve performance, maintainability and dependability. Leverage our application support services to optimize day-to-day software processes.

IT consulting services
IT consulting services

Our advisory services can access your IT capabilities and suggest strategic changes to help align your business offerings with dynamic needs of the future. Our software development services will help overcome all your technology challenges without compromising on timelines and quality.

Software testing services

Always maintain a minimum quality threshold of products using our QA testing services. Our full-spectrum testing services for mobile app and web ensure that your customers have a smooth and bug free user experience.

Enterprise IT services

Leverage our enterprise IT services to improve business performance, provide better services and hence, improve overall business outcomes. Our enterprise software development services ensure that your software requirements are fulfilled keeping in mind timelines and quality standards.

SaaS application development

Improve cost, increase business scalability, ensure data accessibility and coherence and make your business scalable using our cloud application development services.

Why Daffodil as an entrusted partner for software development services?

Daffodil Software has an extensive and impressive history of over 20 years of software development services for clients across a wide range of industries and domains. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Daffodil Software has successfully navigated the ever-evolving landscape of technology, consistently delivering high-quality, customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of its clients.

Throughout this 20-year journey, Daffodil Software has gained invaluable insights and expertise in various sectors, including healthcare, digital commerce, finance, retail, education, and more. This wealth of experience enables us to comprehend the intricacies of each industry and develop software solutions that effectively address the specific challenges faced by businesses in these sectors.

Software Development Services

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We create technology forward, innovative software solutions to keep you ahead in the game, always .

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Daffodil Software leverages Iterative Development Approach to automate, optimize and monitor software delivery pipeline & quality

Plan & Measure

We contribute to the sustainability and success of your organization by defining desired objectives, developing a plan to achieve those goals, and evaluating progress by utilizing the data acquired to make informed decisions. Our planning and measuring stages help you to:

•Identify client expectations
•Identify resources and skill-set required
•Freeze requirements into modules, their user stories, acceptance criteria, and integration points
•Identify key parameters for productivity
•Set up project milestones
•Set up the change management process

Build, package & test

We assist your organization in meeting end-user needs by ensuring product quality and reliability. Our software development, packaging, and testing stages enable early feedback and continual refinement of the development process, resulting in a more robust and effective final product. We help you achieve your goals by:

•Setting up Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline
•Orchestrate infrastructure environments
•Perform continuous testing as a set of automated regression, performance, penetration etc.
•Setting up Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline
•Orchestrate infrastructure environments
•Perform continuous testing as a set of automated regression, performance, penetration etc.

Release & Deploy

We aim that your product is properly available to end customers and that it is set up, installed, and functioning in the target market correctly. We assist with software deployment as well as address any difficulties or problems in a timely manner, in this last stage, to ensure a smooth and successful project delivery. Ours releasing and deploying stages help you to:

•Setup automated ways to push code to dev and test environments
•Perform necessary service calls to web servers, databases, and other services

Monitor & Optimize

In this ongoing process, we regularly monitor & optimize the product and its functioning. We bring glitches to your notice, if any, and help improve the application to perform well and meet the need of end users. Our monitoring and optimization stages assist you to:

•Setup Continuous Monitoring & Continuous Feedback procedures
•Monitor the application performance & ensure performance benchmarks are maintained
•Implement customer feedback and remove bugs & glitches

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the right software development company?

The right software development company would be in sync with your long term objectives, requirements and promise to meet timelines for the project. To ensure that you choose the right partner, look into the company’s portfolio, technologies they work on as well as clients they have worked with. Also ensure that there is a strong communication channel between your spoc and the company’s executives.

Daffodil software has an experience of 20+ years in the custom software development  domain. Having worked with numerous global clients we have the right expertise to provide exceptional services.

The industry is witnessing disruptive technology and advancement very rapidly. Currently, there is immense interest towards big data analytics, integration of AI, ML and block chain, shift towards DevSecOps, improvement in continuous integration of software development. 

Daffodil Software has developers who are experts in working with new technologies.

There are three primary partnership models that Daffodil software operates on:

1. Full custom software development 
If you have a product/service idea in mind, we have the resources to bring it to life. Our team of dedicated developers can deliver top of the line software solutions without compromising on quality & timelines.

2. Software consulting 
Looking for a fresh perspective on your current services? or, are you grappling with a software roadblock that you wish to correct? Our team of IT consultants can help solve all your software woes.

3. Team augmentation 
Augment your teams with talented resources that can add real value to your project development process.

Daffodil software follows a flexible cost estimation model that changes as per the project requirements and resource utilization. We first prepare a project scope and its phases to understand how much time would be required on each stage of the development process and how many developers will be required to complete the project on time. Further,  a quote is suggested keeping in mind the complexity of the deliverables.