Discover & Frame

The fastest way to discover a development roadmap for your software product idea.

Why Discover & Frame Workshop

Daffodil’s ‘Discover & Frame workshop’ is the leanest approach to materialize your product idea. This program is orchestrated to ensure that we gather an in-depth understanding of your idea, target users, competitors, revenue model and most importantly, limit your business and technical risk. Our business analysts consume this information to provide you a no-nonsense plan that outlines the entire scope, user flow, timeline, and cost of developing a market-ready software product.

A 6 step workshop for complete requirement analysis & discovery

Concept Analysis and Discovery

  • Understand your concept and business vision
  • Identify USPs, loopholes, and additional opportunities
  • Perform product research and feasibility analysis

Requirement Analysis

  • Review competitors/reference products
  • Identify your key differentiating features
  • Create feature lists, story map, user stories, notifications, assumptions, etc.
  • Layout functional requirements
  • Create process flow diagrams

Solution Framing

  • Identify must-have features
  • Identify motivations and aspirations of your target persona
  • Create business workflows
  • Define Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
  • Sketch wire frames


  • Create clickable wireframes
  • Propose themes and design guidelines
  • Outline UX in design perspective

Plan Technical Architecture

  • Suggest technology stack
  • Identify third party tools and Integrations
  • Propose block level architecture showcasing layers involved*

Techno-commercial Proposal

  • Provide a detailed proposal with the estimates for the agreed scope of work
  • Layout product development plan
  • Freeze timelines and milestones

At the end of the workshop, walk away with:

  • A complete understanding of your user persona

  • Clearly defined MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Clickable wireframes and design guidelines

  • Technical architecture

  • Comprehensive pricing, timelines, and development plan

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