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Managed Services: From stability to solution to evolution


Every organization must adapt to evolving business procedures, security changes, and structural adjustments as business expands. In addition, Salesforce introduces new upgrades periodically with features being added & withdrawn as per market needs.

This complexity requires a wide range of specialized Salesforce skills for continuous monitoring and supporting of your short & long term business goals. This is where Salesforce Managed Services becomes a flexible, scalable, and economic solution to help your organization achieve a stable and continuous growth.

Daffodil Software brings you the expertise of 150+ salesforce certified professionals who will act as an extension of your team in maintaining, mitigating & strategically overseeing the evolution of your business.

About Salesforce Managed Services

Value we bring to the Salesforce ecosystem

What is Salesforce Managed Services?

Our entire range of Salesforce managed services

Salesforce consulting
Salesforce consulting

Get your sales, customer service and marketing needs analyzed at every step with our full-cycle salesforce consulting services. With the right support & strategic guidance, reach your goals faster & scale business higher.

Salesforce implementation
Salesforce implementation

Build new capabilities in your Salesforce environment with our Implementation services.  We implement end to end solutions, which ensure the full coverage of particular business needs with relevant Salesforce products.

Salesforce customization

We tailor your Salesforce solution with custom workflows, report/dashboards, email templates, etc. to provide better visibility into customer journey & enhanced customer experience.

Salesforce lightning migration
Salesforce lightning migration

Whether it’s better productivity or visually appealing reports, Lightning Migration can help you customize your interface, prioritize the pivotal data insights & increase overall Salesforce user adoption.

Salesforce integration

Build a connected environment with third-party integrations & ensure a unified experience across all platforms & teams using our Salesforce Integration services.

Salesforce support & maintenance
Salesforce support & maintenance

Whether it’s maintaining the Salesforce CRM stability and health, or monitoring daily routine performance, Managed Services ensure proactive maintenance & improvements to set you up for success.

Salesforce optimization

Harmonize your platform, reduce redundancies & eliminate bad data with our Salesforce optimization managed services. Have our skilled experts address data vulnerabilities, increase user adoption & enhance your platform’s performance.

Marketing automation
Marketing automation

Our managed services experts can help you improve efficiency of your marketing activities. Whether it’s email campaigns or lead generation, our team can help you deliver an unparalleled experience with operational excellence.

Analytics & reports

Get the snippet of the most important metrics first, readily interpret and gather key insights, review reports and make data-backed decisions for your business with the Salesforce analytics & reporting dashboard.

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How we co-create value for your business

Strategy & planning

Our team can help you create an extensive & robust roadmap and strategize your next big steps in line with your current business vision. Get strategic advantage over your competition, plan ahead of time and stay on top of system upgrades with the help of salesforce managed services.

Reducing overhead costs

Instead of hiring multiple full-time employees, one can instead choose to hire certified salesforce experts at much less cost and for pre-fixed working hours. This flexibility makes managed services a cost-effective, go-to option for organizations, both big & small.

Reliability & expertise

Managed services providers bring a blend of expertise with them. Our experts go through continuous learning and have diverse platform knowledge & proven skill-set to help you tackle all your salesforce challenges with utmost ease.

Process-driven approach

Our teams have set standards and processes to manage your platform efficiently. Whether it’s implementation, customization, consultation or integration, you can always expect a consistent, process-driven approach from start to finish.

Deliver seamless, consistent & secure experiences with our managed services

How managed cloud services can help your business?

Innovation redefined

We create custom Salesforce solutions enabling you to connect with your customers and build long-lasting relationships.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Salesforce managed services?

Managed services offer a way for organizations to externally manage, monitor & leverage Salesforce capabilities. A managed services provider offers ongoing & regular support in mitigating issues before they impact operations, maintaining regular Salesforce upgrades and making sure the platform is up to date with minimal downtime.

Businesses today have to customize salesforce time & again, level-up operational performance, manage complex IT infrastructure, keep up with the competition – all while keeping the cost down. This is where Managed Services come into play.

Managed Services Providers can:

◉ Provide a readily available team of experts without the burden of hiring full-time
◉ Help with critical upgrades and new technologies
◉ Automate processes to save time & effort
◉ Address challenges and reduce risks well in time
◉ Monitor regularly so your core team can focus on other things the pipeline

Organizations, depending on their need & criticality, can easily:

◉ Hire Managed Services Providers for sales force management
◉ Meet goals while the experts work on the maintenance
◉ Lower the cost and increase ROIs
◉ Take less time to deploy and minimize security risks

The cost depends on the overall scope which includes integrations required, range of customization, type of engagement model, no. of experts, etc.

Managed services maintain software and hardware both while SaaS takes care of just software available for use over the cloud. Managed services are much more comprehensive as they monitor both sides.

Managed cloud services are a partial or complete maintenance of an application or a service on the cloud infrastructure by a third-party organization or a consultant. It is a scalable, secure and flexible solution for organizations to focus on business rather than technology management.

Outsourcing entails hiring people or services for a particular task. The vision is generally narrow and task specific. While managed services offer a holistic approach which is focused on end-user experience and providing end-to-end operational support.
Also, managed services are constantly customized as per organization’s needs while outsourcing is generally a pre-packaged solution.