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Leverage our data enrichment services to spearhead your sales & marketing strategy with more than 98% accurate contact data

The volume, velocity, and variety of data that comes into the CRM make it almost impossible to assure its accuracy. Research suggests that a whopping 25% of enterprise CRM data will decay over the span of the year 2023, resulting in wasted time and efforts of sales and rev ops teams. This can be easily mitigated by engaging a data enrichment company for your data needs.

Hence, sales and strategy leaders cannot afford for their data to grow stale. Our data enrichment services allow you to continuously and accurately expand upon the account data that you have collected, thereby shielding against the risks of inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated account data. Apart from helping sales strategists curate hyper-focused sales and marketing campaigns, our data enrichment services also enable sales teams to have confidence in the data which guides their decisions and actions.

Data Enrichment Services & Tools

Helping sales & marketing strategists to:

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Our Data Enrichment Services Include:

Firmographics Enrichment
Firmographics Enrichment

Classification and segmentation of data records based on total revenue, employee size, performance, industry, sales cycle stage, designations, and other company-based attributes. We also categorize B2B prospects into descriptive segments that are fundamental to structuring B2B-specific marketing programs with our data enrichment services.

Data Cleansing & De-duplication
Data Cleansing & De-duplication

Our data cleansing services ensure that all your crucial CRM account information is clean, updated & consistent. Our de-duplication services not only help you to elevate the data quality and accuracy but also significantly decreases the data storage capacity requirements.

Hierarchy Management
Hierarchy Management

We help you identify various job titles and hierarchies in the organizations so that you can curate ultra-targeted campaigns to reach decision-makers, influencers, or users of your products or services. We also segment datasets to avoid equivalent hierarchies falling under the same account which ensures more accuracy in your CRM data.

CRM Data Standardization
CRM Data Standardization

Ensure uniformity, avoid duplication in your databases, and follow a standardized structure with our lead enrichment services. As a leading data enrichment company, we help you to standardize and normalize data (e.g. country, state, abbreviations, addresses, company names, etc.)

Industry Enrichment
Industry Enrichment

Enrich your CRM account data by identifying and mapping the companies under relevant industries, sub-industries, sectors etc. which can be used for structured marketing and sales campaigns.

Custom B2B Contact List Building
Custom B2B Contact List Building

Find current, accurate, and verified demographic information for people and companies that you want to target through your marketing campaigns with our B2B list building services. We can help you with contact information such as name, company name, email id, LinkedIn profile, job title, contact number, and many more fields that you may desire.

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A leading US-based customer engagement platform engages Daffodil to enrich a database of 1M+ records.


“We are very happy with the work from the Daffodil team. We used multiple data enrichment vendors in the past but Daffodil was the only one that was able to fill the gap which no vendor was able to fulfill in terms of match rate, bad matches, and stale data.”

– Sr. Director, GTM & Sales Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are data enrichment services?

Data enrichment services are a way of collecting data points and optimization of your CRM account data based on relevance and requirements. It is an effective way to keep your CRM database clean and accurate. By enriching your data, you can target your prospects in a way that can increase your revenue and sales by using the most pertinent business-specific strategy. With our expertise in the field of data enrichment, we can offer you a cost-effective solution that will help you keep your database accurate, secure, and segmented based on your business needs.

Businesses get a sizable amount of prospect business data and store it in their CRM, but this information often gets outdated with time or is incompletely stored. Therefore customer data enrichment becomes an imperative affair in order to keep the efficiency of sales and marketing teams growing constantly.
It is a method of boosting the prospect information you have previously gathered and assisting you in making more educated business decisions so you can boost your revenues and enhance your company’s performance.

Data enrichment in simple terms is the process of filling in details that your business lacks so that to maximize revenue and boost sales.
The main benefits of data enrichment are:

  • It helps you to create valuable data that is more relevant to your business needs.
  • Keeping your data hygienic and clean, helps you save a lot of important time that can be invested elsewhere to make your business more profitable.
  • It keeps your data well organized and up to date to make your data more reliable and personalized.
  • In this changing world, your data keeps changing every day and keeping your data accurate can lead to bringing more revenues with the best accuracy.