Solutions for Sales Professionals

Enabling sales professionals to improve their efficiency, sales visibility and expand their market with our advanced IT solutions to boost their revenue and sales performance. 

Inside The Mind Of A Sales Professional

Sales Professionals are witnessing technological changes which they must accept to create best strategies and to boost their sales performance. Implementing these advanced digital solutions is essential to achieve their goals and help their organization to sustain in this competitive environment.

We operate in a dynamic environment wherein technological advancements are transforming the workflows across industries. Organizations are very keen on exploring technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, data analysis, IoT etc to boost their sales team’s overall productivity and effectiveness.  At Daffodil, we help sales professionals to accelerate their outcomes with our expert support and services to help them architect, deploy and expand. 


Empower your sales team with Daffodil

  • Data Management Solutions

  • Custom CRM Solutions

  • Process Automation Solutions

  • Research suggests that data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning rather than creating insights. This creates a big opportunity cost. 

    In order to deal with huge unstructured data points, we help organizations to enrich and update account records with extensive, up-to-date, and accurate data points to gain complete control over their customer data and achieve competitive advantage in the industry.

    How can Daffodil help?

    • Modernize & Transform your Data

      We transform your siloed and unstructured data leading to consistent databases enabling your organization to utilize them efficiently with data cleansing and enrichment techniques.

    • Data Integration

      Effective data integration solutions are necessary to utilize data to its full potential. We enable organizations to connect to multiple data points to derive meaningful insights from any 3rd party ERP.

  • Research from Salesforce indicates that CRM software can increase sales by as much as 29% while improving sales forecasting accuracy by upto 32% and improving sales productivity by 39%. 

    In order to achieve the results, manage huge customer data and provide them with excellent experience, Daffodil helps you develop intelligent and intuitive CRM solutions that boost your organization’s sales performance and enhance overall customer experience. 

    How can Daffodil help?

    • CRM Migration Solutions

      We migrate CRM systems to the latest technology stack with complete migration of legacy data, CRM upgrades, modernized infrastructure, and seamless integration with your organization’s workflows.

    • Integration Services

      We integrate CRM software with ERP systems, social media platforms, ticketing systems, marketing automation and third party software like Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Marketo etc.

  • McKinsey’s report suggests that 31% of businesses have fully automated at least one function.

    Sales teams have repetitive and mundane workflows which consume a lot of time and effort. More sales professionals are turning to process automation solutions to automate their repetitive business processes to streamline operations and reduce costs, enabling companies to devote additional resources and time to serving their customers. 

    How can Daffodil help?

    • Customer Engagement Automation

      We enhance your quality of communication and reduce time-to-contact by automating marketing process, sales process, customer onboarding and support etc which previously required manual intervention.

    • Document Automation

      We reduce the burden from your workforce regarding documentation-intensive processes by automating the process with help of technologies such as OCR, AI and image recognition with 99% accuracy.

    • IT Process Automation

      We reduce the downtime and improve incident management process by automating repetitive and mundane IT tasks that require manual intervention.

What CEOs have to say about Daffodil

In the journey to develop different IT solutions we had to have talented people to build upon or scale-up. We partnered with Daffodil to make sure that we can actually develop a platform further and make sure that the platform is scalable and can work in many different countries.

Rustom Nabiev, Director
Shifo Foundation, Sweden