Solutions for CEOs

Enabling CEOs to drive digital transformation and acquire the right mindset, processes, and tech to rapidly introduce new software products or services in the markets.

Inside The Mind Of A CEO

Capitalizing on emerging and innovative technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain etc. continues to top the list of business priorities for CEOs.

Concerns about technologies such as AI, IoT, autonomous vehicles and blockchain are growing. Companies involved in these technologies have no room for errors in the approach to ensuring their acceptance. At Daffodil, we help CEOs to conceptualize their idea and support them through out the journey of product evolution- from a concept to a market fit product and beyond.

Innovate & deliver with Daffodil Software

  • Drive Digital Transformation

  • Launch software products faster

  • Optimize cost & productivity

  • Finding the expertise to lead the digitization initiatives remains one of the primary challenge for CEOs to take the digital transformation leap.

    With Daffodil, it is easy to adapt to new technologies and stay ahead of the competitive curve. For almost a decade, we have helped CEOs to leverage emerging technologies, acquire the right mindset, and tools to drive digital transformation initiatives across their organization.

    How Daffodil can help?

    • Drive Digital Transformation

      Implement a digital-first business strategy to boost your efficiency, productivity, and revenue through cutting edge technology solutions.

    • Legacy Software Modification

      Re-engineer legacy applications and migrate to the latest technology stack with modern UI/UX and features.

    • Custom Software Engineering

      Helping organizations to design, engineer, and deliver innovative software solutions with speed and scale.

  • Achieving a faster speed-to-market requires an ecosystem with the right processes, tools, and infrastructure that allows new products to be rolled out quickly.

    Daffodil Software has embraced time-proven processes and agile development methodology to reduce risk and development time. Our technology experts operate at the intersection of technology, strategy, and implementation to help our clients build innovative software products with speed and scale.

    How can Daffodil help?

    • Software Product Prototyping

      Get your product idea validated through a functional prototype design before grooming it into a fully functional product.

    • Custom Software Engineering

      Design, engineer, and deliver innovative software solutions with speed and scale.

    • Smart R&D Teams

      Hire from our team of 600+ full stack developers and deploy them as your R&D wing and validate new ideas and technologies

  • CEOs we speak with usually talk about how can they leverage technology to gain visibility into all aspects of their business and streamline processes to maximize efficiency.

    Daffodil helps CEOs to implement enterprise-wide software solutions that get the very most out of the teams, automate inefficient processes while providing powerful data insights that help improve business-wide collaboration and productivity.

    How can Daffodil help?

    • Process Automation

      Automate your business processes to create efficiency at a large scale, thereby delivering hyper-growth.

    • Custom Business Applications

      Develop cloud-based intelligent business management software featuring automated workflows, procedures, control-flow conditions, and dashboards with graphical data representation.

What CEOs have to say about Daffodil

In the journey to develop different IT solutions we had to have talented people to build upon or scale-up. We partnered with Daffodil to make sure that we can actually develop a platform further and make sure that the platform is scalable and can work in many different countries.

Rustom Nabiev, Director
Shifo Foundation, Sweden