Performance Testing Services

Daffodil helps you predict software application behavior and performance in a simulated, real-life environment, thus enabling you to mitigate potential risks and adverse user perception.

Our Performance Testing Services Include:

Load Testing

Monitor response times, throughput, latency, and server conditions at various load levels in the application through various application performance tools.

Stress Testing

Plan against potential outrages that could result through mismanagement of extreme load. We help you identify the maximum operating stress that the application can handle and help you plan for unexpected scenarios.

Scalability Testing

Daffodil helps you measure the scalability of your system as more concurrent users join the system. We help you maintain an elastic system architecture by taking proactive steps so that your application is adaptable to increasing user base and future growth plans.

Stability Testing

Daffodil helps you monitor system behavior and stability during normal or irregular situations, shutdowns or restarts of various system components. We help you minimize the risks related to the inoperability of business processes or system components through reliability and fail-safety tests.

Endurance Testing

Ensure that the application is capable enough to handle the extended load without any deterioration of response time. Minimize the risks related to possible system performance degradation under high loads by monitoring the system performance indicators during the reliability and stability tests.

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