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Mobile app consulting

Mobile app consulting services: Everything you need


Discover the practicality of your idea with our holistic guidance and understanding of your business goals & target audiences. We provide a clear structural blueprint of your app with wireframes, ensuring intuitive usability. Our technical feasibility assessment guarantees feasible & outcome-oriented solutions. You’re provided with a transparent cost and timeline estimate.

MVP development
MVP development

Launch your innovative mobile application swiftly and cost-effectively, focusing on core functionality to meet user needs. Through iterative development and user feedback, we validate your product early, reducing risks and costs. This accelerates your time to market, attracting potential investors.

UI/UX design

Enable visually attractive and easy-to-use interfaces while ensuring a smooth user experience. Prototyping to user flow mapping, addressing all potential issues early. Our process includes comprehensive research, prototyping, and usability testing to ensure your app meets user needs across all devices.

Technology selection

Leverage our comprehensive guidance on mobile technology decisions. It includes a needs assessment, evaluation of mobile technologies, integration with existing IT infrastructure, cost-benefit analysis, vendor selection, implementation support, and a post-implementation review. Also providing ongoing maintenance and updates support.

Architecture design
Architecture design

Incorporate a detailed design approach that entails the creation of a robust, scalable, and efficient mobile application. The focus lies on vital technical aspects such as scalability, high performance, security, seamless integration, fault tolerance, and cross-platform compatibility. Architecture is designed with a user-friendly interface for a superior user experience.

Monetization strategy
Monetization strategy

Open new revenue streams for your business with our variety of monetization strategies. Strategies include In-App purchases, In-App advertising, a freemium model, a subscription model, paid apps, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, etc. With careful planning and understanding of the app’s user base, our consultant advises strategies that are most effective for your business.

Product launch strategy
Product launch strategy

Develop an all-inclusive launch strategy for your app’s successful launch and growth in the market. Our process includes comprehensive market research, establishing the product’s USPs, attractive UI/UX design, and thorough testing to ensure a pleasing user journey. Our strategy covers app store optimization, post-launch support, and detailed analytics and reporting for successful growth and expansion.

Security and compliance
Security and compliance

Offering comprehensive security and compliance features that include data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits. We ensure compliance with regulatory standards and integrate secure APIs for safe interactions. We assist in managing user access control within the app and maintain security through regular updates and patches.

Sustainability and support

Our consultant closely monitors the app’s performance and tracks user behavior for informed decision-making. To ensure scalability, functionality, usability, and accessibility we provide continuous maintenance, regular updates, user training, and follow sustainable practices.

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Unveiling the success stories that make us your ideal mobile app consulting partner

Experience, proficiency, and innovation: The Daffodil Software approach to mobile app development

20+ years in the business of software engineering, we have developed a distinctively holistic approach that ensures every phase of app development aligns with your business objective.

What sets Daffodil Software apart is our ability to strike the perfect balance between technical proficiency, industry insight, and user experience. We don’t just build apps, we create experiences that resonate with your target audience. Our team of expert consultants keeps abreast of the latest trends and technologies in mobile app development, so you can trust us to deliver an app that’s not only functional and visually appealing but also future-ready. We believe in transparency and constant communication, ensuring you’re involved and informed every step of the way. With us, you’re not just getting a service, you’re investing in a partnership that prioritizes your success.

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Our proven methodology for mobile app consulting services

Mobile app consulting process

Industries we innovate


Create healthcare apps with our specialized services in creating user-friendly and secure apps for patient care, medical record management, appointment scheduling, telemedicine, EHRs, medication reminders, fitness tracking, and more. Let us help you revolutionize healthcare experiences with cutting-edge mobile technology.

Software and technology

Understand and implement mobile app solutions & IT technologies to optimize your business processes. We offer assistance in mobile app development & customization, system integration, IT strategy planning, cloud services, data management, project management, IoT, AI/ML implementation, etc.


Experience the fusion of finance and technology with our mobile app consulting. We build robust, intuitive, and secure fintech apps, including digital wallets, investment platforms, peer-to-peer payment apps, insurance management, personal finance trackers, and more.


Make banking processes more efficient, secure, and customer-friendly with the help of our experienced consultants. Build strategies and develop mobile app around core banking system integration, mobile and online banking solutions, cybersecurity solutions, CRM systems, cloud migration, fintech integration, etc.

Real estate

Innovate your real estate business offerings by incorporating the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Create apps tailored for property listings, virtual tours, CRM, property management, investment analysis, and more. Transform your real estate business with smart, user-friendly apps that connect, engage, and drive success.

Travel and transportation

Create interactive travel guides, real-time transport tracking, and convenient ride-sharing apps, personalized itinerary planners, and virtual tours. We help you turn ideas into reality, making every journey seamless and enjoyable.

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Navigating the tech landscape through strategic collaborations

Adobe solution partner
Adobe solution partner

A collaborative alliance enabling us to forge top-tier digital solutions. It empowers us to blend various Adobe tools and resources to create solutions tailored to your business needs & take your business to the next level.

Amazon web services
Amazon web services

Addressing all your infrastructure needs, we use AWS to develop applications that are adaptable, scale seamlessly, and prioritize high security. From migration to operation on the AWS cloud, infusing automation across your business.

Google cloud
Google cloud

With Google Cloud, we facilitate rapid, secure, and potent development. Its futuristic infrastructure, customized to address specific workloads and industry needs, offers an uncompromised experience for all users.

Microsoft partner
Microsoft partner

Utilizing the total capacity of Microsoft Azure to personalize your secure journey from a hybrid multi-cloud environment to Microsoft’s cloud. This journey covers app development, migration, modernization, and management.

Salesforce partner
Salesforce partner

Leveraging our partnership to assist you in merging Salesforce’s diverse features for sales management, customer service, marketing automation, and more. Helping your business to scale, innovate, and optimize cost.


Oracle being a global leader in database software gives access to robust, secure, and highly reliable business solutions. Leveraging the Oracle platform we build high-quality products and services that can help enhance your business operations.

Innovation redefined

We create technology forward, innovative mobile applications to keep you ahead in the game, always.


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