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Why Choose Angular?


Demonstrates a unique mobility-driven approach to build mobile apps with exceptional performance. It enables the integration of mobile-specific features such as low memory, performance tuning, and touch support even while developing desktop apps.

Two-way Data Binding

Enables faster processing and improving the performance of your website by allowing two-way data binding which leads to maintained synchronization between DOM and the model.

MVC Support

Loops the MVC components efficiently for faster and simpler development. It serves as a pipeline to connect the three components and works more like an MVVM architecture, laying a strong foundation for app development.

Transformed Dependency Injection

Enables the development of applications with an easier process of unit-testing and increased feasibility through the built-in dependency injection subsystem.

Lesser Code

Angular offers a declarative framework that ensures a reduced code size. This makes the developement faster and reduces complexity while building a high-performing application.

Flexible Client-Side Solutions

Enables the use of advanced client-side solutions that empower the application with features such as security validation, data, form validation, etc.

Full Stack Angular Web Development Services


Custom Angular Applications

Build user interactive and functionally rich applications that can be used across all browser platforms. Ensure quicker development of robust applications using simpler methodologies.


Interactive Dashboards

Design interactive dashboards that enhance the real-time user experience for your web or mobile application using the Angular framework.


Data Analysis Tools

Hire Angular developers who can take data analysis for your web and mobile applications to the next level by using the Angular development tool which helps enable in-depth analysis.


UI/UX Development

Develop interactive user interface components, and optimize applications for seamless user experience. Ensure effective client-side executions and lean Angular implementation.


Migration to Angular

Migrate your current application to the Angular platform and leverage on all the benefits that the platform offers.


Support And Maintenance

Provide preventive and proactive support and maintenance services to ensure the seamless functioning and performance of your Angular Application.

Customer Success Stories

State-of-the-art development methodology to reduce risks and time-to-market

Project Management Approach

Daffodil is an Angular Development Company that ensures quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products through engineering best practices and Agile principles.

  • Clearly defined user stories
  • Test driven development
  • Mid sprint and end sprint demos
  • Weekly backlog review and planning
  • Sprint planning
  • Daily scrum meetings
  • Scrum velocity optimization
  • Regular project reporting through Agile-centric project management software

Software Delivery Approach

DevOps approach to automate, optimize and monitor project delivery pipeline & quality.

  • Hire Angular developers for continuous integration, deployment and delivery
  • Continuous and Iterative development
  • Cloud native CI/CD
  • Configuration management
  • Application release automation
  • Deployment automation via pipelines
  • Automation testing
  • Micro-services architecture augmentation
  • Monitoring and feedback automation

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