An HRMS that keeps your workforce happy and productive!

An HBR study states that workforce happiness directly affects employee productivity.

With our custom HRMS software, manage your entire workforce under a single platform and increase HR productivity by reducing time spent on mundane tasks and letting them focus on what’s important- a happy workforce.

Our HRMS software is:

Custom HRMS
Fully customizable
Scalable & Adaptable
Scalable & adaptable
cloud HRMS
Deployable on cloud
Mobile first HRMS
Mobile first & intuitive
Fast HRMS implementation
Easy to implement
Trusted HRMS
Trusted by 100+ organizations

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    The Daffodil customizable HR suite

    Combining readiness like an off-the-shelf HRMS and customization like a home-grown one.

    Why invest in a customizable HRMS system? 

    We at Daffodil understand that each organization is unique. The internal processes of corporations are a derivative of the industry they belong to, the product/service they offer and most importantly, the future they wish to realize. As the vision of a company varies, so does its need for attracting and retaining the right talent that will help realize it.

    The Daffodil HRMS software was built keeping in mind the singularity of organizations. With us, ensure that you attract, engage and retain top talent that best fits your needs.

    The Daffodil HR software includes all the core modules of an HRMS system along with customization options that can be seamlessly developed and implemented by our talented developers. 

    What does our customizable HR suite include? 

    • Complete ownership of HRMS suite
    • Dedicated developers to  customize the suite as per your requirements.

    Why Daffodil’s customizable HR suite?

      • Features
      • Reports, Metrics & KPIs
      • Scalability
      • Integrations
      • Ease of use
      • Security
      • Pricing Model
      • Competitive Advantage
      • Licensing & Ownership
      • Daffodil's customizable HRMS Software
      • Features Customized as per your business
      • Reports, Metrics & KPIs Customized as per your business
      • Scalability Fully scalable
      • Integrations Deep integrations with any business software
      • Ease of use Highly intuitive & customized as per your use
      • Security Highly secure
      • Pricing Model One time purchase
      • Competitive Advantage High as the software is made exclusively for you
      • Licensing & Ownership Fully owned by you
    • Daffodil's customizable HRMS Software
    • Generic SAAS or off-the-shelf Software
    • Features
    • Customized as per your business
    • Standard, one size fits all
    • Reports, Metrics & KPIs
    • Customized as per your business
    • Standard, one size fits all
    • Scalability
    • Fully scalable
    • Medium scalability with a standard feature set
    • Integrations
    • Deep integrations with any business software
    • Integrates with a few market-leading software
    • Ease of use
    • Highly intuitive & customized as per your use
    • Moderate to a high learning curve
    • Security
    • Highly secure
    • Highly secure
    • Pricing Model
    • One time purchase
    • Recurring per employee monthly or annual payments
    • Competitive Advantage
    • High as the software is made exclusively for you
    • Low as you are using a generic software
    • Licensing & Ownership
    • Fully owned by you
    • No ownership

    A 360° HR Management Solution

    Talent Acquisition

    Seamlessly manage every step in e-recruiting processes such as sourcing, hiring, and interviewing of candidates.

    • Manpower Planning & Budgeting
    • Application tracking system
    • System Generated Offer Letter
    • Recruitment Reports
    hr mgmt solutions

    Hiring & Onboarding

    Create a more inclusive culture and accelerate new-hire productivity by establishing a seamless hiring and onboarding process.

    • Expedite onboarding of new hires
    • Real-time tracking of onboarding
    • Complete online documentation
    • Exit management
    hr mgmt solutions

    Time and Attendance Management

    Improve employee efficiency by measuring the time spent on creating business value and aligning employee availability with work requirements.

    • Attendance and Leave Management
    • Biometric Integration
    • Time and attendance dashboard
    • Swipe Management
    hr mgmt solutions

    Payroll Management

    Execute standard and complex payroll components with complete compliance adherence.

    • Personalized salary components
    • Ensure statutory compliance
    • Flexi-component management
    • One-click payroll processing
    • Reimbursement & claim processing
    hr mgmt solutions

    Organization Structure

    Grant user roles and permissions, delegate responsibilities, oversee approvals and build your organization your way.

    • Channelize Career Growth & Career Movement
    • Build a custom organizational structure
    hr mgmt solutions

    Performance Management

    Communicate organizational goals and objectives, reinforce individual accountability for meeting assigned goals & track and evaluate individual and organizational performance.

    • Customize KRA / KPIs to reflect organizational goals
    • Individual & organizational goal setting
    • Regular performance reviews setup
    hr mgmt solutions

    Training & Development

    Ensure that your employees are equipped with the right skill set and work on continuous self improvement.

    • Introduce new training modules
    • Add trainers and trainees from admin portal
    • Collect and evaluate post session feedback
    hr mgmt solutions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are there any recurring payments?

      Once you buy the HRMS software, you may choose to opt for a developer who will help you customize the software as per your organization’s requirements. We will only charge you for the customizations done by the developer.

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    • Is it necessary to hire a developer once I purchase the HRMS?

      No, it is not necessary to hire a developer with the HRMS. In case you need further customizations in the software, you can either tell us or hire a dedicated developer from us who will understand your HR processes and do the customizations in the HRMS.

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    • What do I get in the HRMS suite?

      You get a fully functional HRM software that is customized for your business with complete ownership of the software product.

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    • What if I need the HR software to integrate with my internal systems?

      Not a problem. Our skilled developers have experience of integrating with disparate systems and they can work with you until your requirement is fulfilled.

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