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Value you can derive with Digital Platform Engineering Services

Our digital platform engineering services include:

Digital platform consulting

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your business objectives, market landscape, and technological requirements & help your team to identify challenges, opportunities, and critical success factors for your project.

Custom digital platform development

Our custom digital platforms serve as the backbone for your success. We leverage agile methodologies to ensure flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing business requirements. These platforms are built with scalability in mind, ensuring they can grow as your user base expands.

SaaS applications

Our SaaS applications are designed for scalability and accessibility, allowing you to reach a broader customer base. We develop multi-tenant architectures, enabling efficient resource sharing while maintaining data security and privacy.

Software re-engineering

If you have legacy systems or applications, our re-engineering services can breathe new life into them. We perform a comprehensive assessment, identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities, and propose modernization strategies that result in an upgraded, efficient, and secure software system aligned with current industry standards.

Web development services

Our digital experts help to create responsive, visually appealing websites tailored to your brand and audience. We ensure cross-browser compatibility, seamless integration, interactive features, accessibility compliance and analytics guaranteeing a delightful online presence.

Cloud application development

We harness the power of cloud platforms to build applications that can scale on-demand. Our expertise in cloud services such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud ensures your applications perform optimally in the cloud and scale effortlessly.

UI/UX services

Our product design process involves user research, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing to create intuitive and engaging user interfaces. We employ agile development methodologies to deliver feature-rich products quickly and iteratively.

Application modernization services

We breathe new life into your obsolete, legacy applications by modernizing their architecture and technology stacks. Our modernization experts extend the lifespan of your applications and reduce technical debt.

Software testing services

We conduct comprehensive testing to identify and rectify bugs, performance issues, and vulnerabilities. Our testing methodologies cover functional, performance, security, and compatibility testing that meets quality standards.

Custom API development

We design and develop custom APIs to facilitate seamless data exchange between systems. Our integration services ensure that your software ecosystem operates harmoniously, reducing data silos and improving efficiency.

Managed cloud services

Our expertise in cloud security ensures your data remains protected, and compliance requirements are met. Leverage our managed cloud services to have your team focus on core business activities while ensuring a secure and efficient cloud environment.

Team augmentation services
Team augmentation services

Gain access to a dynamic resource pool, specialized expertise, and the flexibility needed to meet your project goals efficiently. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that our professionals become a valuable extension of your team, driving success and delivering exceptional results.

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Why choose Daffodil Software for your next project?

Highly qualified teams

Our digital platform engineering is powered by a highly experienced team of engineers who come with a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and hands-on expertise in executing numerous projects across various domains & industries.

UX-centric approach

Elevate user satisfaction with intuitive design, performance optimization, and accessibility. Stay ahead of the competition and deliver unparalleled user experiences through our expertise and research-driven design approach.

Next-gen AI/ML expertise

We leverage AI and ML technologies to create intelligent and data-driven solutions. This expertise enables us to enhance your product with predictive analytics, natural language processing, computer vision, among other advanced capabilities.

Agile development approach

We embrace an agile development philosophy, ensuring flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. This approach allows us to respond swiftly to changing requirements and market dynamics, delivering solutions that evolve with your business.

Data-driven decision-making

We emphasize data-driven decision-making. Our solutions provide valuable insights, enabling you to make informed choices, refine your strategies, and harness the power of data for business growth.

Continuous support

Our commitment doesn’t end with project delivery. We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your digital platforms continue to perform optimally and stay up to date in a dynamic digital ecosystem.

Navigate the digital landscape with efficiency and precision

Daffodil specializes in comprehensive digital platform engineering services, empowering you to conceptualize and launch customized platforms and applications leveraging the latest technologies.

Our methodology, rooted in design thinking and fortified by cutting-edge technology stacks and time-tested approaches, streamlines your digital platform development journey while ensuring scalability and resilience.

Backed by a dedicated team of 1200+ seasoned experts, including software engineers, UI/UX professionals, architects, and software testing specialists, we are well-equipped to tackle intricate business and technology challenges with ease & elevate your digital presence!

About our Digital Platform Engineering services
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Our expertise spans across various sectors:


Revolutionize healthcare with our digital product engineering solutions. From telemedicine platforms to comprehensive patient management systems, our cutting-edge services enhance care coordination, improve patient care and accessibility.

Retail & E-commerce

Transform your retail landscape leveraging our specialization in developing user-centric e-commerce platforms & mobile apps that revolutionize customer experiences. Drive sales and customer loyalty with personalization, real-time inventory management, and seamless checkout processes.

Travel & transportation

The software solutions we develop cater to various travel & logistics providers, offering insights for better decision-making and operational efficiency. We help businesses stay agile and responsive to traveler’s demands with innovative solutions.


We excel in developing financial solutions such as payment gateways, insurance management softwares, stock trading solutions, accounting information systems & more. Our fintech services empower companies to take advantage of technically advanced & innovative financial services that help drive industry transformation.

Software & technology

We specialize in crafting innovative solutions that blend cutting-edge technology with exceptional software design. By harnessing the power of software and technology, we help you create robust, user-centric digital solutions that drive growth and deliver outstanding experiences to your customers.



Our focus is on developing digital banking solutions that enhance customer experience. We develop mobile banking apps, secure payment processing systems, and fraud prevention solutions providing your customers with seamless, secure, and scalable banking services.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is digital platform engineering?

Digital platform engineering is the process of designing, developing, and maintaining digital platforms such as websites, mobile apps, and software applications. It encompasses everything from architecture design and development to security, scalability, and user experience enhancement.

Digital platform engineering encompasses the creation and management of comprehensive digital ecosystems, such as websites, mobile apps, and software platforms. It involves complex integrations, places a strong emphasis on overall user experience (UX), requires scalability for the entire ecosystem, and necessitates ongoing maintenance and support to keep the entire platform functioning seamlessly.

Software development, on the other hand, concentrates on crafting individual software products or modules, often with specific functionalities in mind. While UX remains important, it’s typically tailored to particular software features. Scalability considerations are generally at the component level, and maintenance and support focus on individual applications or software components within a larger system.

In short, digital platform engineering encompasses a broader and more holistic approach, focusing on the entire ecosystem of digital solutions, while software development is a component-level activity that concentrates on building specific software products or functionalities.

The cost of digital platform engineering services can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the complexity of the project, the scope of work required, the technologies involved etc.

To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific digital platform engineering project, you can connect with our experts who will assess your project’s requirements and provide you with a detailed proposal and cost breakdown based on your unique needs and goals.