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Chalo is a public transport tracking application that streams the real-time location of public transport vehicles on a mobile app. The app informs the users about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of public vehicles such as buses, metro trains, inter-city trains etc. It has been equipped in more than 15,000 public vehicles in 17 cities across India and is helping people to find out an optimal way to reach their destination on time.




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We are extremely pleased with the data analytics solution provided by Daffodil Software. Their team was able to seamlessly integrate our raw data and transform it into insightful, actionable metrics. The solution’s multiple data visualizations, auto-scaling capabilities, and comprehensive reporting have been instrumental in enhancing our decision-making process.

We highly recommend Daffodil Software to any organization seeking to leverage data to drive business growth and make informed decisions. Their dedicated team and impactful solutions have made a significant difference to the our operations.

Pooja Rathee

Performance Head- Chalo

Business Situation

Chalo grappled with critical challenges impacting their operational efficiency and security protocols. Their struggle with managing a colossal dataset hindered their capacity to generate reports swiftly and accurately. If left unattended, this bottleneck could culminate in compromised reports, potential financial losses, and impaired decision-making processes, posing a significant risk to the company’s performance. Moreover, Chalo faced substantial vulnerabilities in their infrastructure due to inadequate security practices, leaving them susceptible to threats like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The need for improved code quality further intensified their vulnerability, placing the organization at risk of potential data breaches, regulatory fines, and a loss of trust from stakeholders. Another area of concern was the absence of a robust database and SSH access management system. This posed complications during audits and, if not rectified, could result in severe compliance violations, regulatory penalties, and substantial damage to their industry reputation.

Furthermore, the deployment pipeline took a significant amount of time due to the use of EC2 instances, resulting in approximately 20 minutes of waiting time for each deployment. This inefficiency could lead to missed business opportunities and reduce overall operational effectiveness, hindering the company’s competitive edge. The key expectations were to:

Implement robust and efficient data management strategies.

Develop and implement comprehensive security practices to fortify the infrastructure against DDoS attacks and potential breaches

Establish a structured database and SSH access management system & implement protocols to prevent compliance violations.

Minimize the deployment pipeline time & enable swift deployment processes.

The Solution

Addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by Chalo, Daffodil Software embarked on a collaborative journey leveraging a comprehensive suite of AWS services. By harnessing the power of AWS S3, RedShift, GuardDuty, SecurityHub, WAF, CodeDeploy, ECS, ECR, and CloudWatch, tailored solutions were crafted to fortify, streamline, and optimize Chalo’s operational landscape such as:

Dataset Management:

Daffodil utilised AWS S3 for secure and scalable storage, enabling the automatic deletion of data older than six months and the long-term retention of historical data. Additionally, we harnessed AWS Redshift as a data warehousing solution, facilitating efficient data storage, query, and analysis, resulting in improved reporting capabilities.

Security Practices:

To enhance security practices, Daffodil implemented a comprehensive DevSecOps strategy, incorporating various AWS services. This included AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) for robust protection against DDoS attacks, AWS GuardDuty for threat detection, and AWS Security Hub for centralized security monitoring. In addition, we integrated SonarQube for static code analysis and utilized the OWASP dependency tool to enhance code quality and security.

Database and SSH Access Management:

Addressing the challenge of database and SSH access management, Daffodil adopted Teleport, an open-source tool. Teleport streamlined the management of SSH and database access, providing secure and auditable access to critical resources. This solution enhanced access control, permissions management, and auditability.

Deployment Pipeline Optimization:

To reduce deployment pipeline times, Daffodil transitioned to AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and leveraged AWS CodeDeploy. This shift significantly accelerated the deployment process, reducing the time required to deploy applications to just 3-4 minutes. AWS ECS enabled efficient container orchestration and scaling, while AWS CodeDeploy facilitated automated and consistent deployments, resulting in faster release cycles and improved operational efficiency. By skillfully implementing these solutions and strategically utilizing AWS services, Daffodil effectively addressed Chalo’s challenges, delivering a more efficient, secure, and streamlined infrastructure tailored to Chalo’s specific needs.

The Impact

The implementation of this comprehensive solution by Daffodil Software had a profound impact on the Chalo’s operations. It led to a 40% reduction in data management time, enhancing overall efficiency and resource allocation. Security measures saw a significant improvement, with a 60% decrease in security incidents and a 30% reduction in vulnerabilities. Access control became more streamlined and efficient, reducing task times by 50%. In addition, a 25% decrease in compliance-related issues was also noted. Deployment time was drastically reduced, enabling faster application releases and more efficient development. Additionally, the solution simplified SaaS access, boosting user productivity and reducing administrative overhead. Overall, these outcomes signify a significant transformation, optimizing operations and bolstering security for Chalo.


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