Generative AI Services and Solutions

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Generative AI Services and solutions

Our comprehensive services include the following:

Generative AI integration services
Generative AI integration services

Integrate Generative AI services such as generative adversarial networks (GANs) to generate new data or AI models to automate tasks in your existing software systems, applications, and platforms with our team of experts.

Generative AI consulting service
Generative AI consulting service

Leverage our expertise to integrate Generative AI services into your software and significantly improve the user experience. Develop tailored  applications to your business’s processes and models, and deliver maximum efficiency with our generative AI services and solutions.

Open AI/ChatGPT integration

Integrate chatbots developed by generative AI and build a custom robust model to generate extremely natural responses. Unleash the power of Generative AI by integrating GPT4 services to your apps. Automate responses and reduce your company’s workload without sacrificing process efficiency.

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Selected success stories of our AI services

Industry-specific expertise to leverage generative AI driven sector-wide innovation and efficiency


Develop innovative applications for healthcare using generative AI which can help in solving challenges such as drug discovery, diagnosis of diseases, personalized medical chatbots, patient care, medical imaging, personalized treatment plans and clinical documentation etc.


Generate new data and valuable insights that can assist in making informed financial decisions using generative AI machine learning algorithms. Our services assist you in redefining the traditional approaches by generating realistic and informative financial scenarios, enhancing portfolio optimization strategies, enabling sophisticated risk simulations, fraud detection, among others.


Redefine the e-commerce landscape with our generative AI services by using machine learning algorithms to analyse customer behaviour, purchase history, and browsing patterns, enabling personalised product recommendations. Additionally, we use AI for efficient inventory management and customer service automation, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Software Technology

Generative AI can help developers handle routine tasks such as auto-filling standard functions used in coding & completing coding statements. Our services can help developers rapidly brush up on an unfamiliar code base, language, or framework necessary to get the job done.

Real Estate

Optimize designs, aid site planning, and create virtual tours and 3D models for potential buyers with our Generative AI algorithms. AI-powered tools automate workflows, improvise resource allocation, and predict project timelines more accurately by analyzing historical data.

Travel & Transportation

Usage of generative AI in travel and transportation industry predicts the best results or options for fares/tickets across the destinations, expenses and hotels to the consumer by analyzing the enormous amount of data and current trends. Generative AI is expected to play a crucial role in travel industry as tourism expands across the globe.

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Drive strategically designed innovation and efficiency through:

Harness the potential of generative AI for strategic business transformation

With a dedicated team of AI specialists, Daffodil software understands the nuances of Generative AI and stays abreast of the most recent research and developments in this field. We integrate AI services to comprehend your unique requirements, objectives, and blocks to create custom solutions that align with your business goals and help you surmount obstacles. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our AI solutions contribute to the development and success of your business.

About Generative AI services
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We create technology forward, innovative Generative AI solutions to keep you ahead in the game, always.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How will Generative AI benefit my business specifically?

Generative AI can offer numerous benefits tailored to your business. It can automate repetitive tasks, generate insights from data, increase customer engagement, and even generate new content.

We take bias in AI very seriously. We have a rigorous process to check for and mitigate bias in our AI models, beginning with collecting and selecting training data and continuing through the design of the AI algorithms. We also conduct routine audits of our models to ensure they are fair and transparent.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the AI implementation process. Our team will work closely with you during the setup and training phases. Following the implementation, we provide ongoing support and maintenance and regular performance checks to ensure the AI solution is operating at peak performance.

The required data can vary significantly depending on the specific AI application. However, Generative AI techniques often perform well even with limited data by utilizing advanced procedures such as data augmentation and transfer learning.