Data Quality Management Services

Helping organizations to maximize their data quality with extensive, up-to-date, and accurate data points to gain complete control over their customer data with end-to-end data quality management services.

We help you:

Modernize & transform data

Transform your siloed and unstructured data leading to consistent databases enabling your organization to utilize them efficiently.

Expand total addressable market (TAM)

We will locate new accounts based on your ideal customer profile and pull that account data directly into your CRM system.

Improve prospecting conversion rates

We will find new organizations which fit your criteria by applying multiple filters & parameters to the database. Expand your TAM and increase revenue by expanding your prospect base with our data management services.

Keep CRM database updated & consistent

Leverage our ML based anomaly detection and human validation to maintain the data accuracy and integrity at scale.

Achieve better intelligence & smarter operations

Optimize your operations through predictive insights and make informed decisions that lead to improved resource management and reduced IT spending with our end-to-end data management services.

Achieve data consistency

We implement database solutions which helps in maintaining data consistency across multiple database applications and platforms, ensuring consistency in the database.

Secure & protect data

We safeguard your confidential data through our advanced technologies and risk management solutions. We follow all the necessary security measures while implementing data solutions.

Our Data Quality Management Service Offerings:


Data Enrichment Services

Our Data Cleansing and Enrichment services enable the correction of data quality issues, standardization, and harmonization of our client’s data. We reduce manual efforts by providing a single interface towards multiple data sources and providers.

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Master Data Management

Master Data Management is a systematic approach to business processes which are used for creating, managing and sharing the master data across the enterprise and to external entities and other stakeholders by following necessary security protocols.


Data Integration

Organizations are generating huge amounts of data from multiple sources. Effective data integration solutions are necessary to utilize data to its full potential and turn data into an asset. We enable organizations to connect to multiple data points to derive meaningful insights from any 3rd party ERP.


Data Governance

We consolidate processes, roles, policies, application of human asset, technologies working together to create a consistent database for an organization to achieve their goals with our end-to-end data management services.


Data Analytics Services

We harness the power of ML, and AI technologies to process data at speed and scale, allowing you to tap into descriptive and predictive analytics and making sure everyone in your organization makes data-driven business decisions.


Data Quality Management

We analyze your data management processes and the available data to ensure your decision-making is as reliable as possible. We’ll check whether your data is complete, valid, unique, accurate, and consistent and review your data management flow for accountability and transparency.

Unleash the power of quality data with seamless integration

Organizations across different industries generate enormous amounts of data on an everyday basis from different platforms. While dealing with huge databases, it is important for organizations to have a smooth data integration across these platforms to maintain a centralized database and utilize the data points to their full potential. Daffodil with its data quality management services helps its clients to have a seamless data integration across major CRM platforms such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Eloqua
  • Pardot
  • Zoho

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