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Daffodil helps Qdabra to setup a test automation infrastructure and reduce testing time by 85%


Qdabra Software is a Washington, US-based firm specializing in electronic forms and web services that help organizations automate their data collection processes to save money and increase business knowledge. Using off-the-shelf technologies, Qdabra leverages its proprietary business application along with a variety of tools and hosting services to meet various business data collection requirements.

  • 85% reduction in testing time
  • 60% faster time to market
  • 30% reduction in QA costs

The Situation

Our client was actively expanding their application with multiple new features and modules. The application was getting bigger and complex, and hence maintaining the quality was a point of fear for the client. The time to release was kept short as the competitors were also aiming for the same solutions and it became important to become the first solution provider and stay relevant in the business segment.

However, there was a complete lack of standardized QA management, defined test processes, and test metrics for the application. The client did not have any defined measures in place for testing the quality of a product. Moreover, the absence of a formal reporting mechanism, SLAs, and a strategic planning & review mechanism posed even greater challenges to the overall quality of the application. 

The client wanted to implement test automation and regression testing best practices for their application. They wanted an extensible, easy-to-integrate automation infrastructure that could test and ship code more frequently. After evaluating numerous vendors in the market, Qdabra zeroed-in on Daffodil Software for independent software testing and test automation services. The key objectives were to:

  • Accelerate Time to Market: Getting new features and modules to market faster was key if they were going to stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Leverage Automation: Leverage automation and put an automated code delivery pipeline in place to achieve faster delivery timelines.
  • Ensure Quality and Confidence: Improving the quality of code and shipping code more frequently in order to minimize the risk of rework and delays; and gain higher levels of customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Daffodil started the project with all levels of manual testing services for their core product line. We also started test automation in parallel that was planned to cover the entire application workflow before the delivery timeline. Our team of seasoned QA experts tested all product configurations across multiple platforms and devices. Additionally, we conducted performance testing for their application in order to test that the application could support enterprise-sized networks. We established lean metrics and a robust reporting framework and also centralized test management dashboards to measure details even at production level.


In order to set up an efficient testing process of multiple modules and suites with vast functionality, we set up a complex test automation infrastructure using Codecept JS where our QA engineers deployed and tested the modules.  The infrastructure allowed us to minimize the time gap between receiving a new release and generating comprehensive test reports. The test reports were generated using Mocha application. The test execution reduced the regression testing efforts to 80-85% which made it feasible to ensure existing delivery flow is not impacted. Further, we optimized the test scripts and reduced the test scripts execution time to get the results in much less time. The scope of the solution covered:

  • Pipeline analysis/design-‐architecture
  • Best-of‐breed CD tools integration & testing
  • DevOps and coded pipeline approach
  • Integration of continuous delivery practice with Agile & DevOps

The Impact

By automating the testing process, Qdabra achieved an 85% reduction in testing efforts and a 30% reduction in software testing costs. The time to market has been reduced by 60% as compared to manual testing. The team’s flexibility allows them to meet challenging deadlines and deliver efficiently at peak loads. The products tested by Daffodil’s team are delivered to market on time with no production issues and with high quality.

  • 85% reduction in testing time
  • 60% faster time to market
  • 30% reduction in QA costs


“Wow! Congratulations. This is wonderful news. Excellent work!” Daffodil has explored the functionality to implement a single login in Automation test cases. Earlier it was consuming around 3 hours for test case run and this enhancement has cut test case run time to 30 mins that is a reduction of 2.5 hours and an increase in efficiency. I thank you for your success with the FV Automation stuff. It was a major highlight of our business success.”


Qdabra Software

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