Success Story

Daffodil helps a US based technology consulting firm scale their technology offerings and grow five fold in 4 years


Digital Mettle is a US based technology consultancy dedicated to serving the market with best-of-breed software development capabilities. Since their founding in May 2001, they have delivered in excess of 200+ large scale projects to more than 100 clients.

  • 5x Growth in 4 years
  • 15+ Team members
  • 20+ Projects executed
  • 8+ Years of engagement


As an evolving software organization, Digital Mettle was confronting prospects of various sizes, industries, and scale. However, coping up with the requirements of the clients was becoming challenging, either due to lack of the latest tech skillset or not having core domain experts. Hence, Digital Mettle was on a lookout for a long-term technology partner that could help them strengthen their tech prowess and deliver projects for various industries under strict timelines.

  • Expanding service offerings and adopting new technologies : As technologies are evolving in leaps and bounds, the need to reinvent themselves and keep up to the constant evolution of technologies was of utmost importance.
  • Accelerate product deliveries : It was becoming critical for them to deliver projects within tight timelines and recruiting talent with a niche skillset had become a difficult task.
  • Optimizing costs: As a growth stage company, they needed to minimize their expenditures and improve the overall ROI.


Turning skepticism into long term results

Digital Mettle had initial reservations in the beginning about our ability to understand their requirements and deliver as per their expectations. Hence, the association started with a pilot project in which team Daffodil delivered way earlier than expected timelines; with utmost code quality and designs. 

The skepticism soon transformed into confidence in Daffodil’s abilities and Digital Mettle realized that Daffodil was a partner that most ISVs could only aspire for. Throughout this engagement, which has now spanned over 8 years, Daffodil’s value addition to Digital Mettle is evident by enabling them to: 

  • Deliver multiple projects ranging from varied industries such as healthcare, real estate, eCommerce, defense, pharmaceuticals and sports etc.
  • Shift their technology focus from traditional technologies like DotNet to latest technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS, Sencha Touch, etc., and eventually helping them to expand their service offerings.
  • Manage end-to-end software product lifecycle including conceptualization, designing, wireframing, code development, testing and documentation of their projects.
  • Deliver projects within strict timelines with ease due to flexible scaling of crossing functional teams, complimented with Agile driven development methodology

Their outsourced team that comprises more than 15 software developers, DevOps and testing specialists perform daily scrums to get up speed with project progress. This has enabled Digital Mettle to create an outsourced team that is an extension of their own tech team. 



Counting on Daffodil’s strong technical abilities and expertise in building software solutions for a varied set of industries, Digital Mettle has been able to expand its market to newer industries and technologies, which was initially limited to healthcare and DotNet respectively. With Daffodil as their technology arm, Digital Mettle was able to focus on the core business development, which has resulted in 5-fold growth in revenue in the past 4 years.

  • 5x Growth in 4 years
  • 15+ Team members
  • 20+ Projects executed
  • 8+ Years of engagement


“We met Daffodil 4 years ago, and since then we have increased our revenue by five-folds. When you are looking for a technology partner, you should look no further than Daffodil”

Jason MacEntee, CEO, Digital Mettle

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