Success Story

With Daffodil as technology partner, Enforme Interactive evolves their healthcare CMS platform and launches new software products faster


Enforme Interactive is a US-based software product company that specializes in developing custom applications for medical and scientific associations enabling them to use technology to meet their business objectives. Global medical organizations use business applications built on Enforme’s CMS framework to manage their operations. Their flagship CMS framework Apprende is an award-winning content management solution. Enforme is also the official member of Forbes Technology Council.

  • 10+ years of engagement with Daffodil
  • 15+ members in development team
  • 5 software products launched as technology partner

Business Requirements

Resilience and scalability are critical features for any software to stay sustainable in the long run. Enforme contacted Daffodil in 2010, for a quality assurance project for their existing CMS platform called Apprende built using DotNet technology. Its system architecture was unable to address the custom business requirements of their growing clientele needs and neither was able to scale according to growing numbers of users. Their product development team was engaged in fixing existing bugs and wasn’t able to make time to modify the core framework. Enforme had never outsourced any technical assistance and was skeptical at that time too. Hence they were looking for a reliable technology partner who could proactively contribute to designing, ideation, and evolution of their product rather than just provide development services under close supervision. The key requirements were:

  • To evolve their core framework for the flagship CRM product and enable its clients to seamlessly create and manage web content, courses, products, abstract reviews, and manage their memberships.
  • To act as a technology arm for Enforme and help them bring innovative software products to market through conceptualization, UI/UX, development, QA.
  • To maintain, modernize and upgrade their portfolio of applications at a regular interval in order to ensure that the product is up-to-date according to the technology trends at all times.

The Solution

Being skeptical about Daffodil’s capabilities, the initial engagement began with quality testing of one of their portals built using their flagship CMS platform. The QA team was formed within two days and immediately started delivering results. Daffodil delivered way before the agreed timelines. Upon analyzing the system architecture code, Daffodil’s engineers realized that the product needed a complete turnaround of terms of the software architecture and design trends. Daffodil took a consulting approach and suggested Enforme upgrade the system architecture and technology stack. Daffodil’s suggestions were well received and Enforme zeroed in on Daffodil as their technology partner and the entire project to revamp the product was awarded to Daffodil.

The aim was to reconstruct the complete architecture for Apprende. Our technology experts optimized the product with lean codes by using ASP.NET which helped simplify the structure of the product codebase. Database requirements were fulfilled by installing the SQL server as with its built-in transparent data compression feature, and efficient permission management tools the data collection performance was enhanced. 


KnockoutJS was used for frontend development to leverage features such as built-in templating, declarative binding, dependency tracking, etc. to develop rich and responsive user interfaces with a clean, underlying data model. Modern technologies such as JQuery, WebApi, and Web service were also used to make Apprende a high-performing, scalable and resilient product. 

Later during the tenure of the successful engagement, Daffodil also developed a complete software and services package for Enforme called Apprende Incubator package which is a fully integrated solution that is curated for organizations to address web-presence, membership management, e-commerce, management consulting and much more. This package was also created using the modern technologies and practices that were utilized by the Apprende CMS framework. For a decade, Daffodil Software has been helping Enforme expand and customize its platform for its customers and acting as its technology arm in order to ensure its competitiveness in the healthcare solutions segment.


The Impact

The engagement with Enforme has now spanned over 10 years. What started as a minor QA project, has now turned into an engagement for complete management, development, and modernization of their multiple flagship platforms. Daffodil Software is also helping Enforme to maintain their products for its customers in order to ensure its competitiveness in the healthcare solutions segment.Enforme has been able to successfully scale its CMS framework and become one of the leading association management platforms worldwide and has positioned itself as an innovative market leader. The Enforme platform is being used by reputed organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, New York Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Neurology, The Library of America, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and many more. Building on the partnership with Daffodil, Enforme has been successful in launching another product called ‘Continuum’, an abstract management system built on a similar platform that of Apprende.

  • 10+ years of engagement with Daffodil
  • 15+ members in development team
  • 5 software products launched as technology partner

The skillset of the developers at Daffodil is exceptional. The engagement with Daffodil Software through-out these years has been exceptional. All the best.”

– Rob King, Director of Product Development

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