Success Story

Daffodil helps Digi5 to develop a mobile solution to virtually connect doctors with medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies


DIGI5 Techno is a technology company based in India. It is an innovative digital platform creator building new business models, ideas, and concepts. They are well known for creating multifaceted smart products and solutions that help their clients to exchange information, services, ideas, and generate value by bridging the gap between customers/users and providers. They work with businesses by introducing them with new features that enable businesses to expand into relevant markets. 

  • 2000+ doctors registered
  • 1000+ pharmaceutical companies onboard
  • 38% less development time

The Situation

As the pandemic hit nations, in no time everything came to a halt. It was witnessed that doctors who were supposed to help heal people from the virus were also falling prey to the virus. In order to survive the doctors had to maintain the norms of social distancing. It was at this time that DIGI5 came up with an idea that could help the doctors.

They wanted to create a platform on which doctors could connect with the MR (medical representatives) of pharmaceutical companies so that they have access to new medicines while maintaining social distances. However, there was a catch to it. How can they breathe life to such an audacious idea?

DIGI5 was in pursuit of a technology partner who could materialize their idea so that it would fit the market. DIGI5’s search narrowed down to Daffodil Software as they were intrigued by our Discover & Frame Workshop. Daffodil’s ‘Discover & Frame Workshop’ is the leanest approach to materialize your product idea. This program is orchestrated to ensure that we gather an in-depth understanding of your idea, target users, competitors, revenue model, and most importantly, limit your business and technical risk. The requirements were to:

  • Provide a platform that fosters the engagement between the doctors and pharmaceutical companies during the time of the pandemic.
  • To develop a solution which would be real-time, secure and integrated with an information exchange platform to transfer data.
  • Conceptualize, design and develop a platform which would enable the users to have video calls, doctors and MR can chat and share various formats of data such as video content, images and documents.

The Solution

The project began with our business analytics and software architects outlining the optimal architecture of this state of the art platform. To make things better our experts refined the functional requirements, created a comprehensive product vision, and conceptualized the development roadmap. On mutually agreeing with the strategic plan, Daffodil’s team mapped out the requirements onto the technology landscape. 

Daffodil took over the development of two integrated (web and mobile) applications, web for DIGI5 and mobile for doctors and MR, which is available for download for both Android and iOS. The web application was built using ReactJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB. Daffodil adopted the Agile methodology to manage the entire project.


Web Application: DIGI5 wanted to have a web application that would enable them to handle a database of doctors who were connected with their platform, an array of pharmaceutical companies listed on their platform, and their registered MR. 

An admin panel was built for DIGI5 to handle the whole operation. As soon as the doctor connected with DIGI5 inquiring about their favorite pharmaceutical company, the admin panel allowed DIGI5 to assign an MR of that company to the doctor. The same process would take place when an MR registered with the platform, only the difference being that they would be assigned to a pharmaceutical company first and then to the doctor. 

Daffodil used MongoDB to develop a comprehensive DBMS to contain high volumes of data. To build and handle the task performed at the backend, NodeJS was used. This allows appropriate document-oriented storage, makes the application easily scalable, and aids in faster retrieval of details on the user’s request. ReactJS was used to make a seamless, user-friendly, and interactive frontend.


Mobile Application:  A mobile application was developed to help doctors and MR interact with each other. The application was developed using ReactNative. 

In addition to that Daffodil was also successful in incorporating the following features in the applications to make it resilient, robust, and provide a seamless user experience. 

Text-messaging/Chat Feature: Building the text-messaging/chat feature using PubNub enabled the users to have multiple concurrent connections with high delivery speed.

On-demand Video conferencing: This feature was added so that doctors could avail the facility of connecting with the MR to learn about the medicines available in the market. This feature was developed by using OpenTalk technology. 


Data Sharing: Amazon Web Services (AWS) was used for computing power, database storage and content delivery. This helped the MR to share videos, PDF documents and images with the doctors. 

Appointments & Reminders: An automated appointment reminder system ensured the confirmation of a meeting with the MR. An appointment booking module was developed to book meeting slots. While this feature helped manage appointment slots at the doctor’s end, it minimized waiting time for an MR.


The Impact

DIGI5 with Daffodil as their technology partner successfully launched the DIGI-MR mobile application, which was scalable, resilient, and optimized for an excellent performance. The app delivered top-notch user experience and helped DIGI5 reach its market potential quickly as the go-to-market time of the application was reduced by 38% by using innovative methodologies and Daffodil's Discover and Frame Workshop to escalate the development process. Now the MR doesn't have to wait for hours to meet the doctor. The app has eliminated the use of paper as all promotional printed material is not in the form of PDFs. With the launch of DIGI-MR around 2000 doctors and around 1000 pharmaceutical companies registered to the platform. This number is on a rise daily.

  • 2000+ doctors registered
  • 1000+ pharmaceutical companies onboard
  • 38% less development time

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