Success Story

Daffodil helps a leading European coffee chain to implement Salesforce and drive elite customer experience


The client is one of the leading coffee chains in Europe. Having their cafes in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden to name a few, the client’s first cafe was set up in the late 90s. Based out of Sweden, the cafe has become a destination for coffee and food fanatics across the globe. They have a selection of coffee, cold drinks, hot beverages, food and pastries available for collection and nationwide delivery. All their pastries and bakes are handmade to order in their kitchen using the finest Swedish ingredients.

  • 1200+ coffee shops
  • 1M+ orders a day
  • 67% increase in efficiency

The Situation

The client has a massive footfall of customers as they are a reputed cafe chain. All the orders were made and managed on legacy CRM software with a less intuitive interface and less user-friendly navigation. Scalability and customization according to the business’s expansion plans and unique processes were also major challenges faced by the client.

Additionally,  the client also wanted to introduce loyalty programs for its customers which were seen to be impossible with the entire process that they adhere to on a daily basis. They wanted an application that would enable them to keep track of all business processes like storing information about all customers coming into the cafe, storing product information, invoice generation & order history, customer feedback for orders & logging cases about any orders.

The client was seeking a technology partner who could help them manage their customers’ details and digitalize a customer’s journey right from the instance when they place the order to the time the order gets delivered. They wanted an application that could help them with customer retention, keeping their customers happy, executive customer acquisition, and giving them insights into their customers. Customer satisfaction and experience were the pivots of this project. They were also looking for an application that could help them manage inventory, order processing, billing & invoicing, and track & log customer feedback.

The client chose Daffodil Software as we are a veteran in product engineering, and CRM development, as well as subject matter experts of online user behavior. On the development front, the requirement was to:

The client chose Daffodil Software as we are a veteran in product engineering, and CRM development, as well as subject matter experts of online user behavior. On the development front, the requirement was to:

  • Build a smart CRM application which can store important customer information such as name, age, birthday, contact info and postal address. Order information such as order number (auto-generated), product information (for which the order is placed), quantity, order tracking (received, preparing, read and delivered), orders received by (phone or in-person)
  • Design and develop a system that could automate repetitive tasks effectively. The tasks that needed to be automated were the generation of invoice number, invoice date, total amount, final amount (after applying the discount), customer information (who placed the order). The invoice information needed to be coupled with the feedback information such as order (for which the feedback is for), taste rating, hygiene rating and overall experience description.
  • Conceptualise and develop a cloud-based application which will enable the client to access the data and records of the cafe from anywhere and at any time. The application should help the client track contacts, opportunities and manage a team to increase sales.

The Solution

The project began with our business analytics and software architects outlining the optimal architecture of this state of the art CRM application. To put the icing on the cake our experts refined the functional requirements, created a comprehensive product vision, and conceptualized the development roadmap. Since the client belongs to the European Union, Daffodil abided by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. On mutually agreeing with the strategic plan, Daffodil’s team mapped out the requirements onto the technology landscape. 

To help manage the entire internal functions, Daffodil leveraged the technology of Salesforce to build the client a custom CRM application, cloud computing, and software distribution model that hosts applications and makes them available online. Earlier, many companies used to host their CRM solutions on their own server. It used to take months or even years to set it up and the cost went up all the time. Even after setting up, they were extremely hard to use. With the introduction of Salesforce CRM software was affordable to build and got delivered entirely online as a service. CRM developed using the Salesforce platform was highly secure, efficient & reduced the development time significantly. 


Since all the cafe’s data is stored in a single centralized unit, it makes tracking customer life cycles easy. The app gives access to all the sales and customer management tools to the store manager. Now the store manager was able to store and manage customer records with full efficiency and had access to features like inventory management, order processing, billing & invoicing, and track & log feedback. 

The CRM application helped the cafe to effectively automate repetitive tasks. The application sent a custom email notification, every time a new customer was added to the system, when an order was placed and when the order was delivered. When an order was delivered the customer received a custom link to log their feedback. This helps reduce workload, boosts efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors.


The application was further customized by adding process builders and workflows. Every customer on their birthday would receive an email informing them that they were eligible for a special birthday discount which could be availed on that particular day. Also, customers would receive an email once their order was ready.

The application is highly scalable and depends on the cafe’s growth. The application can also have any social media integrations for sharing offers or discounts for branding or promotional purposes on social media. The cafe doesn’t have to worry about the application or infrastructure upgrades – they happen automatically. This gave the client time to focus on innovation rather than managing technology.


The Impact

Daffodil helped the client to implement the CRM application in no time and as desired. Daffodil ensured that the deliverables were on time while maintaining the utmost quality. With the implementation of the application, the cafe was able to take more orders and manage their processes efficiently. They were aware of their customer’s birthday which enables them to send personalized emails with discounts. The use of the application eliminated the need for paper and quickened the entire process. The customers were notified at every step of their order such as order received, preparing, ready, and delivered. The client was able to take customer feedback and get valuable insights into their product and customer experience. This ease of use and visibility on the entire process resulted in double the sales within a month of application deployment and the achievement of elite customer satisfaction.

  • 1200+ coffee shops
  • 1M+ orders a day
  • 67% increase in efficiency


“We have been working with Daffodil for over 2 years now. The quality of design, development, and support services that Daffodil has provided for our CRM application have been phenomenal and have consistently exceeded our expectations.”


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