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Reengineering mobile app for ACKO, India’s first and fastest-growing InsurTech company


ACKO is India’s first and fastest-growing InsurTech company which excels in making the purchase and use of insurance frictionless. The company has cornered the insurance marketplace with its comprehensive policies and completely digitalized services. By smartly combining insurance with technology, ACKO has been able to sell its products to 50 million unique customers.

  • 90+ Insurance Companies Onboard
  • 20+ Insurance Segments
  • 50M+ People Insured

Business Situation

ACKO had been maintaining a mobile application for selling corporate health insurance policies. Its onboarded partner corporations could offer corporate insurance policies to their employees through this app. Additionally, employees could process their insurance claims and also get on-call doctor consultations on the app.

ACKO came to Daffodil for transforming its application to suit the growing needs of a fast-changing market. They were looking for a technology partner who could produce a reliable application with limitless flexibility, fast performance, and scalability. Their specific requirements were the following:

  • Automate insurance endorsement processes and other repetitive tasks.
  • Enable mapping for multiple comprehensive health insurance policies for every single insuree.
  • Provide seamless mapping for group medical covers.
  • Increase the transparency of the insurance claims processing journey.
  • Link with fitness tracker apps for fitness reward plans.
  • Make the UI fast, highly responsive, and reduce the load time.
  • Allow users to apply for corporate and retail health insurance as well as motor insurance on the same app.

The Solution

Team Daffodil performed an in-depth research that helped them to realize the targeted customer base, competition, technical risk, etc. The research was followed by complete reengineering of the existing mobile app. Earlier, the mobile app was built using React Native and was slow to initialize. The new app was developed on a platform-agnostic, open-source framework- Flutter, which also offers encryption for enhanced security.  

The new app comes with the following improvements:


Multiple Insurance Types And Policies

In the new ACKO app, an individual customer can avail more than one policy including:

  • IRDAI-approved comprehensive corporate and retail health insurance policies for individuals and their families. The efficient policy mapping has ensured that one person can avail more than one insurance type and policy.
  • Multiple employees of ACKO’s partner corporations can be mapped under Group Medical Coverage (GMC) policies. Every aspect of the group health policy from top-ups to add-on covers is digitized in the app.
  • Besides health insurance, ACKO’s wide range of car and bike insurance products as well as insurance for electrical and electronic appliances have been integrated into the same app.

Integration Of Preventive Care And Wellness

Online Doctors’ Consultation: India’s leading mobile app for doctor consultation at home was integrated with the ACKO app that can help to find the best doctors from over 35,000 medical professionals within seconds. Insurees can chat, call or video call with an online doctor or book diagnostic tests at more than 4500 labs online. 

Purchasing Pharmaceuticals: The nation’s best online pharmacy app was also integrated. ACKO’s customers can avail themselves of an unlimited range of prescription and OTC medication.


So, besides health insurance, the new app also provides its insurees with medical assistance as well as options for preventive care and wellness. They can avail insurance policies, book appointments with doctors, and buy medication online, all in a single app.

Fitness Coins: Users can connect the ACKO app with fitness tracker apps such as Google Fit or Apple HealthKit and track their fitness goals within the same app. Completing fitness challenges gets them ACKO Coins which they can use to avail of rewards and discounts on the various insurance products available.


Comprehensive Enhancements

Improved Transparency: Insurees can view every step of the claims processing journey and insurance enrolment and endorsement processes. If there is a document deficiency at any stage in the process, they receive a notification through the app for the same, which can then be rectified.


Automation Of Policy Endorsement: The enrolment and endorsement steps were completely automated, making the availing of health insurance on the app a much faster process. Repetitive steps like customer information updates, third-party nominations, etc. were all automated.


Faster Performance And Appealing UI: The implementation of AWS Lambda and DynamoDB makes the solution highly scalable and in-app processes much faster. The load time for the UI components has been reduced drastically and the look and feel have been modernized.


The Impact

Daffodil’s re-engineered app has helped ACKO record over Rs 100 crore in premium for its Employee Group Health Insurance in FY21. Within a few months, ACKO has been able to onboard over 90 companies and has insured over 2.8 lakh people. Customers can now enjoy the convenience of not just health insurance, but doctor consultations, lab test scheduling, fitness reward programs as well as motor insurance all within a single app.

  • 90+ Insurance Companies Onboard
  • 20+ Insurance Segments
  • 50M+ People Insured

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