Success Story

Modernizing a sales app for Asia’s largest pre-owned automotives business


The world’s largest online classifieds company, OLX, collaborated with Berlin-based Frontier Car Group (FCG) to establish OLX Cash My Car, a pre-owned automotive sales app. OLX Cash My Car is an unmatched business leader in India, Nigeria, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Pakistan, Indonesia and more. In August 2021, the company crossed the sales milestone of USD 1 billion across ten countries in Asia and the Americas.

  • 2M+ downloads across all app stores
  • 100,000+ vehicles bought & sold through the platform
  • <45 Mins required for entire documentation for selling a vehicle

The Situation

The pre-owned automotive market today is 1.5 times bigger than the new cars market, as per industry estimates. It is witnessing technological innovation in remote buying and selling capabilities through optimized online platforms such as OLX Cash My Car, which is transforming the way pre-owned cars are bought and sold. 

The company has different iterations of its app for end-users such as merchants, drivers, brokers, field partners and the backend team; with a UI that is tailored to serve specific purposes. The mobile application being used for the inspection of a pre-used car by the field partners (or merchant sites) was making the inspection time lengthy due to an old technology stack and slow load time of the web app. An internal survey found nearly 40% of their field partners’ inspection teams were finding faults related to the app’s usability. 

In order to optimize the app’s overall usability and UI, the OLX  Cash my car team had the following requirements.

  • Reduce inspection time that was being spent in filling lengthy details about each car manually
  • Develop capabilities for multiple transactional CMS
  • Reduce time-to-resolution in the customer care module
  • The application must run smoothly, irrespective of the device or network type
  • Stages of progress and time spent on inspection must be trackable

The Solution

When OLX presented the Cash My Car app for field partners, Daffodil conducted comprehensive usability testing to gauge the shortcomings. The major drawbacks of the app’s UI designed for the field partner personas were lengthy inspection time, high load time, and the limitation of being calibrated only for a desktop browser.

So the team set out to improve these aspects of the app and work on the inspection, customer care, and inventory-transaction management modules. The improvements are detailed as follows:

Inventory & Transaction

In the inventory and transaction side of the app, a new, multi-transactional CMS was developed. Each ‘car’ entity created during a sale or purchase of a pre-owned car could only be linked with a single Purchase Order (PO) or Sale Order (SO) in the previous CMS, whereas the Multi-Transactional CMS (MTCMS) allows multiple POs and SOs to be linked to the same entity.

So, with the recent improvement, if a car were to come back to the same field partner after being sold by them, the admin could duplicate its previously filled details for a new PO and then do the same for an SO during a resale. Based on the inspection report, the pricing of the car is determined using an internal algorithm.



The vehicle inspector had to fill in each detail in the inspection form such as chassis number, model number, registration date, color and so on manually even for a car that came back to the same field partner after being sold by them. The Daffodil team has expedited this task drastically with an API call that would send a request when entering the registration number to dynamically fill in the other details.

The inspector can now take pictures and crop or rotate them, all within the app during an upload. Once all the details are filled and pictures are uploaded, verified and cleared, an inspection report is generated. The progress of the inspection report, the initial inspection form and time spent in the process is all tracked. OLX Cash My Car’s backend team keeps a close check on this data to ensure that the inspection time is consistently kept low and so, the inspection team is satisfied by the app’s usability.


The team used React and Node to transform the web app into a Progressive Web App (PWA). The app now runs on a desktop browser and additionally runs on a mobile browser just like a native app. The load time is reduced which further cuts down the processing time for the inspection team.


Customer Care

When the seller or the customer gets in touch with the customer care team, the team gets all the details of the end-user and their vehicle particulars as well. While taking these details manually took 5-10 minutes in the previous app, the new app does this in about 6 seconds. The time-to-resolution for customer grievances has come down drastically, thanks to fixes in caching, indexing and removal of redundant customer data.

Further Value Additions

While this functionality was not available earlier, the new improved app allows multiple photos and documents to be uploaded simultaneously, accelerating the inspection workflow further. In case a car was not selling because of a certain defect, it would be repaired. But there was no provision for factoring in the repair expense. The improved version allows the addition of a ‘maintenance’ cost field to the PO to recalculate the final pricing of the car following repairs.


The Impact

OLX was pleased with the reduction in inspection time and the improvements in OLX Cash My Car’s UI features. Inspection teams at field partner sites gave the app high usability ratings after Daffodil’s enhancements. As a result, OLX Cash My Car is now among the top two market leaders in the pre-owned automotive sales sector in India.

  • 2M+ downloads across all app stores
  • 100,000+ vehicles bought & sold through the platform
  • <45 Mins required for entire documentation for selling a vehicle


The team is delivering quickly and in line with the deadline. All our feedbacks are taken into account and promptly solved.

Mario Di Nucci

Head of Product Management

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