Success Story

Daffodil helps OLX CashMyCar to automate backend operations for their marketplace for pre-owned vehicles


Frontier Car Group (FCG) is a Berlin-based startup that develops, launches, and operates marketplaces for pre-owned automotive by the name of OLX CashMyCar. They have operations in Nigeria, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Their objective is to increase the efficiency of automobile markets through technology and infrastructure creation. They offer a safe, fair and fast solution to the underserved industry of selling used cars in frontier economies. It is one of the most successfully growing pre-owned automotive start-ups with a total funding of $569M so far.

  • 47% increase in number of qualified leads
  • 3x faster vehicle inspection process
  • <45 minutes required for entire documentation for selling a vehicle

The Situation

FCG group was continuously striving for expansion in different geographical markets. In order to diversify its marketplace of pre-owned automobiles in Indonesia, FCG had an idea to create a referral program for automobile repair shops, mechanics, and technicians who could refer automobile sellers to FCG.

However, automobile inspection is one of the unavoidable and utmost important processes in the sale-purchase cycle at FCG. Once a car passes the inspection process, it is moved to the warehouse. To make the shift between the inspection center and the warehouse safe & seamless, FCG wanted to build a mediator app that would help the managers at inspection centers to carry out the inspection of the vehicle and maintain important information about the vehicle.

  • Hence, the envisaged system had to streamline the entire referral process ranging from referral lead generation, interest mapping, vehicle inspection, and the documentation involved in the process as well as tracking of sales and promo campaigns.
  • Among the main concerns that FCG wanted to address were inefficient distribution routes, limited ordering channels and human-factor errors that persisted with inspection of the vehicles. Moreover, the B2B marketplace had to be flexible enough to serve not only FCG’s needs but the needs of the referees, mechanics and workshop owners.

The Solution

The engagement started with the Daffodil team setting up a strategic requirement gathering process in place. This was done through our unique Discover & Frame workshop, wherein we document app ideas, target market, persona, business model, competition, revenue streams, etc. This helps us get a clear understanding of what is the client’s expectations and effectively develop a project roadmap. Once, all the aforementioned aspects were documented, our expert business analyst team analyzed the application requirements and suggested developing two different applications; one for getting referrals of vehicles from the users and a second application to automate the vehicle inspection process.  

On the technology front, we suggested the most viable technology stack, identified third party tools and proposed a block level architecture for both the applications, following which our UI/UX experts created user stories, feature lists, process flow diagrams and clickable prototypes of the application. 


Referral App

Team Daffodil developed a referral app that allows the referrer (who could be a mechanic, technician, or an automobile repair shop) to connect the seller with FCG. By using different channels, such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, QR Code, or email, the referrer can send a referral link to the seller, using which, the seller can share his automobile details with FCG. These details on submission are received in FCG CRM for further action.

Another part of the solution is the admin panel that has a list of all referrals. The admin (from FCG) can add new referrals into the portal by adding their details, such as name, telephone number, email address, role (manager, supervisor, or sales executive), along with the bank details to make the payment. Once the sale-purchase cycle is complete, FCG can initiate a payment for a seller and the referrer for which the app uses the ZOKU payment gateway.

Considering the business expansion plans, a dynamic app architecture was designed. Each time the app is launched into a new market, minor changes in the configuration file could make the frontend ready for the new market. No changes in the codebase to change the fields, images, colors, or other frontend elements are required when the app is to be pitched in a different country.


Transit App

Team Daffodil developed a transit app for FCG that allows the managers at the inspection center to schedule car transit with registered drivers. By using the app, the manager at the inspection center generates a job transit by defining the start location, end location, and details of the car. The manager assigns a driver for the job, who, according to his availability can confirm or reject the job status.

When the driver reaches the location, he notifies the managers at the inspection center or the warehouse. The managers authenticate the drivers through a QR code or manually through a transit job ID. This enables the driver to seamlessly move the cars from the inspection center to the warehouse.


The Impact

The client has been extremely satisfied by the way Daffodil has executed their vision. OLX CashMyCar was able to increase the number of qualified leads rate by 47%. The application also led to significant reduction in advertising cost as well as lower customer acquisition cost. To reduce the time-to-market of the app, the reusable components approach was used. Different UI components were developed and reused on various screens, thereby reducing 40%-50% of the development time. OLX CashMyCar is expanding in various cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune.

  • 47% increase in number of qualified leads
  • 3x faster vehicle inspection process
  • <45 minutes required for entire documentation for selling a vehicle


The team is delivering quickly and in line with the deadline. All our feedbacks are taken into account and promptly solved.

Mario Di Nucci

Head of Product Management

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