Success Story

Helping a Leading PoS Solution provider in the African continent to develop a mobile application for its customers


POS Shop Ltd. is a leading provider of Point of Sales (POS) hardware and software solutions across Africa. With an extensive range of solutions to manage business transactions & operations, the company is enabling organizations (at all scales) to improve their management, efficiency, customer experience, customer retention, and subsequent profit maximization of retail clients.

  • 450+ clients
  • $20B+ TVP per annum
  • 18+ countries covered across Africa

Business Situation

POS Mobility has emerged as a key objective in the effort to modernize and augment the traditional POS experience in order to better meet customers’ growing expectations.

Following a similar trend, POSshop wanted to develop a mobile app for customers of retail stores that were already using their ERP solution. The base requirement was to build an Android and iOS based eCommerce app that would enable the customers to shop online, view & redeem loyalty points, get notifications about discounts/ deals/new arrivals, etc. The convenience of online shopping would propel customers to make more frequent purchases than they would do from a retail store. 

In addition to this mobile app, a web admin portal was to be developed that could enable retailers to manage store items, display ads/discounts/offers, create digital loyalty cards, manage store location, view user feedback, etc. Hence, POSshop was on the lookout for a technology partner who could translate this requirement into a functionally-strong solution under strict timelines. POSshop chose Daffodil for its extensive experience in the digital commerce domain and an innovation-led approach to delivering qualitative solutions. 

Some of the key challenges which POSshop wanted to address through this application were:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Manage customer relationship in a better manner
  • Create a sense of belonging to the customer in a retail store
  • Increase frequency of customer visit
  • Increase customer retention
  • Enable customers to shop online
  • Gather feedback data to refine the customer journey

The Solution

Team Daffodil developed an eCommerce app that provides customers with the convenience of placing orders from a retail store and getting them delivered to their address. The customers can locate a nearby outlet of a store, shop online, create shopping lists, view ads & promotions, view & redeem loyalty points/store credit, access or avail gift vouchers, etc. The app is integrated with the existing ERP solution by POSshop. This helped in synchronizing the data between ERP, offline stores, and the mobile app. The app was also customizable to the store’s branding from the code. Apps for different retail outlets would be deployed separately with their individual branding.


To manage customers and the content of the mobile app, a web admin portal was developed. This role-based system would enable the retailers to manage the functionality of the app for an individual store. The admin/super admin can upload or manage advertisements (edit/ publish/unpublish), add ‘New arrival’ tags to the ads, view customer feedback, manage store location, manage items (as active or inactive), view orders, accept/decline requests, etc. 


The admin panel enables retailers to choose the order delivery mode (delivery or pickup), select the type of loyalty points (money or points-based), manage content for the home screen, manage loyalty configuration (when to give loyalty points to customers other than their purchase), etc. Loyalty points or credit score calculation, product category & listing in the admin panel, voucher code are fetched directly from the ERP. 


The Impact

The mobile app is helping retail stores increase their revenue with customers making frequent purchases both offline & online. Also, their advertisements for new offers have been more responsive than ever. The probability of customers knowing about deals & discounts and availing them is higher, which has been contributing to customer experience and business revenue.Another benefit that the mobile app has been serving the retailers is the retention of customers. The retail stores have been able to retarget the lost customers through advertisements, loyalty points, and availability of new items in store.

  • 450+ clients
  • $20B+ TVP per annum
  • 18+ countries covered across Africa

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