Success Story

Daffodil enables on-demand provisioning in the Cloud for India’s leading online beauty retailer


The client is India’s leading online retailer for multi-brand cosmetic and wellness products. With an active user base crossing 20 million, the client processes more than 500k orders in a day. With 1200+ brands, and six warehouses across India that stock lakhs of cosmetic products, the client offers a comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, personal care, luxury, and wellness products for women and men.

  • 40% add-to-bag conversion rate
  • 42% reduction in bounce rate
  • 250K community network subscribers
  • 123% increase in engaged reading time for the blog

The Situation

The client had managed to gain highly competitive customer numbers through its online marketplace but was seeking out new strategies to keep up the growth momentum. Plans had been set in motion to start social media live streaming to boost audience engagement on their e-commerce platform and other channels and in turn, drive more sales.

However, they lacked the infrastructure for the associated massive data ingestion and storage capabilities. Moreover, they lacked a cost-effective way to manage the associated computational workloads.

Daffodil Software’s know-how of AWS services such as Lambda, EC2, VPC, RDS instances, etc. made it the right fit for the client’s content streaming requirements.

The client’s requirements were identified very quickly by the Daffodil team so as to implement the following enhancements:

  • Serve streaming content to customers across social media as well as the e-tailer’s platform with minimal lag
  • Enhance the cost-effectiveness of running computational workloads
  • Automate infrastructure scaling to meet peak-hour content demands
  • Facilitate seamless integration with the required dependencies
  • Enable provisions to visualize and extract insights from customer sentiments
  • Keep improving the delivery efficiency of streaming content

The Solution

The Daffodil team utilized its AWS cloud provisioning expertise to enable the smooth handling of computational workloads. This ensured that the e-tailer could implement uninterrupted streaming across all its targeted social media channels as well as its own website.

Additionally, various Amazon AWS services, especially AWS Lambda, were intelligently utilized to realize several cost-effective solutions to manage the computational workloads in a serverless architecture. This was possible since the cost of running a Lambda function is extremely low.

The enhancements done are detailed below:


Boosting Customer Engagement

Customers are served with streaming content with minimal to no latency so that their experience with the e-tailer’s content is seamless. This helps the e-tailer expand its customer base through engagement across social media channels such as YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. as well as its own e-commerce platform. The serverless architecture capabilities of AWS Lambda enabled increased efficiency of the delivery process.

Ease of Scalability

The team has provisions in place for scaling up the streaming service while serving content to customers. There is an immense range of scalability; from a few requests per day to a thousand per second with zero administrative intervention. The high-availability computational event-driven architecture scales up automatically when the number of viewers increases. It also performs capacity provisioning as well as activity logging.


Real-Time Interactions

Through its live video streaming, the e-tailer can showcase its products, give behind-the-scenes looks at how it runs its business, and can also conduct real-time interactions with customers. The computational workloads associated with streaming have been handled by provisioning the necessary resources by the Daffodil team.

Streaming Analytics

The data stream analytics are very detailed so that the e-tailer can develop better strategies for more widespread reach. During live streaming windows, data aggregates can be analyzed continuously across the streaming workloads to take proactive social engagement measures if necessary.


The Impact

The AWS Lambda implementation by the Daffodil team helped the e-tailer build a community network subscriber base of over 250K members. Following Daffodil’s optimizations, the client’s relationship with its existing customers improved, further driving sales. The client commended Daffodil’s strict adherence to the guaranteed timelines and seamless implementation of custom cloud provisioning.

  • 40% add-to-bag conversion rate
  • 42% reduction in bounce rate
  • 250K community network subscribers
  • 123% increase in engaged reading time for the blog



“I am very impressed with the way the team has been taking up the ownership of the multiple projects. The work executed by Daffodil team has received praises from internal teams across functions.”


VP – Technology

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