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America’s Leading CRM & Marketing Automation Firm Sets Up an Offshore Development Centre with Daffodil Software

About the Client


The United States-based marketing automation platform offers a suite of powerful business tools that enable marketers to generate traffic, convert leads to sales, and improve revenue. The platform’s marketing tools for emailing, funnel generation, website & page creation, etc. help marketers to automate or perform routine tasks with absolute ease. 

  • 15+ developers in ODC team
  • 3 years of ODC partnership
  • 20% increase in cost efficiency

Business Situation

The client has been providing its customers with digital marketing services that offer high lead conversion rates across marketing funnels. The tools that were released to end-users were not up to industry standards. This led to their customers raising about 60-70 tickets regularly about technical issues they would face on a daily basis.

Three of their marketing tools were available to the users but needed  improvements in UI, tracking, and reporting capabilities. To work around the existing customer issues, they developed an initial plan of action to improve upon the existing tools and create a set of brand new tools as well. But, they faced a technical resource crunch when it came to the execution of this plan. They needed a dedicated technical team that could work in collaboration with their existing in-house team and help them execute their plans. 

After assessing various options in the market, the company chose Daffodil as their Offshore Development Center (ODC) to develop its tool suite due to its proven track record, agile workflow, and competitive time-to-market. As an ODC, Daffodil would help in extending the existing in-house team with 15+ full stack developers in relevant technologies. Both the teams would collaborate to keep up with the constant market requirements.

At the end of a series of brainstorming sessions, Daffodil could set down a broad list  of requirements, which were:

  • Setting up an offshore development center where a dedicated team of senior resources would work on enhancing various aspects of the marketing tools.
  • Develop new web applications to provide customers with an all-in-one digital marketing tools suite
  • Re-develop the membership site builder from scratch and make a user-friendly website builder module
  • Ensure seamless creation of multiple profiles for individual leads in the email marketing tool and revamp its UI
  • Allow ease of third-party integration in the shopping cart tool and enable support for multiple payment gateways

The Solution

The Daffodil team had a strict timeline for delivering all the tools in the online marketing growth suite. So, after running some functionality analyses, the team decided to stick to the existing technology stack for redeveloping the tools that were live, which were originally developed using Vue js components integrated with Laravel. A dedicated team with expertise was aligned by Daffodil.

The same technology stack was also implemented for all the newly created tools to maintain brand consistency. The new tools created and other redevelopments carried out by Daffodil were as follows:


Email Marketing Tool:

The UI for creating forms and for adding various elements to the forms was changed to a more user-friendly and dynamic one. Contrary to the earlier version, this one allows subscribers to create multiple profiles for individual leads which allows better lead grooming strategies. Campaigns corresponding to various events can be tailored to match the kind of lead interaction required. Additionally, this tool has other enhancements such as behavior-based automation for sending automated mailers and follow-ups, email sequence building, broadcasting and split testing.

Sales Tool: 

The original sales tool was completely redeveloped from the ground up and rebranded. The new version has flexibility allowing any new subscriber to merge third-party integrations of their choice to enhance customer journey tracking, invoicing, and so on. Users can choose from monthly and annual billing plans, and from among a range of flexible subscriptions using this tool and its integration with multiple payment gateways. They can then create sales funnels for unlimited digital or physical products and services.


Membership Site Builder: 

The membership site builder’s UI has also been raised to industry standards to help create learning experiences for end-users. There are carefully segregated membership access levels which allow content delivery behind secure password protection that is specific to the type of subscription. There are options for subscribed companies to set up automated campaigns and content drips allowing leads to receive rich content that would grow the company’s personal brand.


Web Page Design Tool:

The website design tool does not require the user to have any knowledge of a web design language. All they need to do is to choose from a wide range of professional page and funnel templates and have the site up and running in no time. Each element to be added to the webpage has its own customization palette, making it easy to resize elements and change colors of buttons. There is unlimited bandwidth provided for subscribers to host their pages. 


Shopping Cart Tool:

Subscribers of the shopping cart tool can use it to design and host an online storefront. Subscribed brands can present their customers with digital and physical products of theirs. This tool is a plug-and-play solution which is easy to understand and use and does not require a tech support team or web developers ready on call. One can easily add product buttons, embed checkout pages and also do upsells and downsells using hundreds of Ecommerce-related templates.


Video Streaming Tool:

This tool allows you to fetch links from other video streaming websites that can be used for branding purposes on your website. The logo or branding of the video streaming site itself gets hidden to promote your brand further. This tool eliminates the need for dedicated server allocation for videos. A state-of-the-art video player gets integrated into your webpage and you can add opt-in forms, call to action buttons, and various engagement tools to the videos.


The Impact

With Daffodil as their offshore development center (ODC) for more than 3 years, the marketing automation company now has a high-performing digital marketing tool suite that has helped them gain a sizable customer base in the US and UK with a 20% increase in the cost efficiency. Other tools include a powerful affiliate marketplace tool, and another for webinar automation. There are two other tools in the pipeline - one for creating interactive questionnaires for customers, and a lead journey management tool. The collaboration between the teams has been helping the marketing automation platform in maintaining their market reputation and enhance customer loyalty.

  • 15+ developers in ODC team
  • 3 years of ODC partnership
  • 20% increase in cost efficiency

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