Success Story

Daffodil helps one of the largest FMCG companies in India to automate and organize the training of their 5,000+ sales employees through a custom LMS


The client is one of the largest FMCG companies in India with a PAN India presence with more than 10,000 employees and 2000+ products in the FMCG category. Their international footprint includes presence in Middle East through local manufacturing in UAE and Oman, and are the second most valued biscuit player in UAE with a strong contention to leadership and have a similarly strong market position in the other GCC countries. They are also the market leaders in Nepal and are in the process of investing in a manufacturing facility in the country.

  • 5000+ employees trained
  • 47% reduction in TAT
  • 67% increase in efficiency

The Situation

The client has a large number of dealerships with thousands of sales and aftersales employees spread across the country. Prior to implementing a learning management system, the client’s staff training was completely reliant on in-person processes, printed courseware and excel based reporting. All the courseware was printed out and stored at the store level, adding to the valuable storage that could be better used for inventory. Additionally, all printed material added to the environmental burden as well. All aspects of training had to be completed with a manager. These challenges consumed a lot of labor and took up a lot of valuable time of the managers. To add to this, the results were inconsistent depending upon the location where the training was held. Hence, the client needed to evolve from having multiple pre-existing systems for their sales training to a digitally adept system that would help them induce consistency, time savings and inventory savings. The aim was to integrate game mechanics that could enable their executives to monitor and improve their training activities comfortably. The requirement was to:

  • Conceptualize, design and develop a learning management system with gamification techniques such as activity streams, contests, badges, points, prizes, awards, real-time leaderboards, progress bars, etc. to help promote training adoption within the organization.
  • Integrate Moodle in order to seamlessly integrate video lessons and allow trainees to take their training and see results anytime, anywhere.
  • Provide functionality to customize and configure LMS according to business needs, company branding with a custom theme, and design according to the department’s preference.
  • Orchestrate a robust and scalable application architecture that could allow the client to concurrently train a large number of employees without compromising on the quality of video content.
  • Develop a role based video content management system for roles such as admin, manager and user, with different permissions and data access, and enable managers to review results submitted by users, assess the assignments and provide feedback.

The Solution

The project began with our business analytics and software architects outlining the optimal architecture of the video content management solution. They refined the functional requirements and developed a complete product vision and its development roadmap. Once the strategic plans were mutually finalized, Daffodil’s team mapped the requirements onto the technology landscape. Daffodil’s UI experts applied design thinking techniques and role based user stories in order to build an easy to use user interface for the application. We developed a web based admin panel for role based access for uploading the training material in the form of videos, photos, text or quizzes.


Daffodil also built a video streaming application framework that was integrated with Moodle. Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. Technologies such as caching, Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS), etc. were incorporated to automatically shift bandwidth to higher/lower levels according to the users’ bandwidth availability, and network conditions in real-time. We also enabled low latency streaming capabilities and zero buffering using less streaming resources to deliver an optimized and seamless video streaming experience for all the users.

To strategically plan the gamification process, well-defined goals were identified for the trainees and corresponding rewards were set to award the goal-achievements. Our developers integrated a feature of awarding points to the trainee for every action performed and badges for accomplishing specific milestones such as video views, quiz completion etc. The accomplishment of specific tasks was to be rewarded with bonus points or higher levels of awards. Clear metrics were identified to track the progress. Numerous gamification features such as real-time contests, badges, points, prizes, real-time leaderboards, etc were intuitively blended with the overall UI/UX of the application which not only made it more user-friendly but also motivated the trainees to improve their performance.


Daffodil also created a custom module to manage the training material in the application. This role based module allows the admin to assign training material to company managers and company managers can further assign the training to their team members. Further the company managers can assess the training and assign scores to the trainees. Some of the other features that we incorporated in the LMS were:

Build lessons and courses: Custom course building modules to enable administrators to Combine all the content elements such as text, video, images and practice questions to build rich and engaging courses.

Gamification Engine: Badges, points, levels, rewards and leaderboards to bring courses to life and make the training process more engaging and rewarding.

Custom Learning Paths: Enables admin to restrict the way that courses can be completed or course content can be viewed.

Certifications: Admin could easily design custom certifications that are valid for predefined periods of time. Supports a variety of compliance scenarios that might require a re-certification.

Reporting: Extensive reporting about everything within the eLearning environment. A timeline of all system actions for access to what happened, by whom and when is maintained in the system.


The Impact

With Daffodil as their technology partner, the client can now deliver adaptable, feature-rich online and instructor-led training courses and certification programs faster and easier than ever before. Without a custom LMS, it would have been impossible to create two integrated but separate “campuses” for their Sales and Aftersales training needs, complete with custom learning paths based on job titles for each department. The client has been able to meet their regulatory compliance needs while delivering a consistent, accessible user experience for their learners, admins, instructors and management alike. This ease of use and visibility has resulted in a steady increase in course enrollment and completion rates.

  • 5000+ employees trained
  • 47% reduction in TAT
  • 67% increase in efficiency


“Thanks to Daffodil, our training programs are now more effective than ever. We have now been able to reduce our on-job training time from 6 months to 3 months, thanks to the intuitive gamification features added in our module.”


Irene Saha, Head of Learning and Development

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