Success Story

Modernizing a health tracking app for Canada’s fastest-growing health-tech startup


About Client: The client is Canada’s fastest-growing health-tech startup that aims to promote self-care behavior amongst patients. Their proprietary healthcare solution enables the patients to track their health for improved healthcare outcomes. The behavioral data of patients contributes to the research work across product life cycles such as drug discovery, precision medicine, support services development, etc.

  • 60+ customizable tools
  • 100,000 users
  • 6 Awards & Recognitions

Business Situation

The health tracking application by the client is a set of tools that help in monitoring daily vitals, medication, symptoms, daily moods, and quality of life. The patients’ journey captured through the app can be shared with care providers for informed actions to improve health. Moreover, this data can be used by researchers to improve the quality and cost of care. 

The application was primarily developed with the aim of medication adherence for elderly people. However, as the app started to gain acceptance, other tools were introduced to it.

The healthcare firm was on the lookout for health-tech specialists who could understand the purpose of the solution and bring advantageous additions to it. For this, they connected with team Daffodil, who realized the idea of the solution and proposed a development roadmap to them. The key requirements were:

  • To ensure that maximum healthcare & research centers could utilize the app, hence a white labeling of the solution was needed to be done.
  • To modernize the UI/UX, features, compliance, integrations, and modules of the application to attract new-age users.
  • To provide a real-time dashboard to view entire health related information in a graphical manner for quicker and real-time assistance in decision making.
  • To improve the responsiveness and load time of the UI and implement better management of access rights.

The Solution

 Team Daffodil started by modernizing the look & feel of the solution. By using React Native as the core technology, an interactive UI/UX of the app was designed. Along with this, a set of new features were developed and deployed to the solution. This included the addition of surveys, integrating analytics to check user behavior with the app, creating helpdesk (chatbot), integration with third-party activity trackers like Strava, Fitbit, Vitadoc, Apple Healthkit, My fitness Pal, Google Fit, etc. The health vitals captured through these trackers are reflected in the health tracking solution.


The new version of the app facilitates users of the app to socialize with each other. An app user can view the activities of another user (on having permission for the same). Users can view health vitals of each other, check their medication adherence, track their lifestyle cycle, etc. The app also enables users to be a part of an in-app community, create groups, have interactions on specific health topics, etc. 



Also, in order to ensure that the new version of the app works seamlessly (without affecting the existing cycle), rigorous testing was performed. To save time and ascertain accuracy in testing, automation testing was performed. The Quality Analysis team ensured that JS scripts are written in a way that automation does not affect the existing functionality of the app. By automating the test cycle, app testing was executed in 4-5 hours, which otherwise takes 1-2 days. 


The Impact

The app has over 60+ customizable tools that help the users to monitor and keep a track of their health. The app has been recreated for 6 healthcare & research centers by team Daffodil and is used by 100,000+ users. These users have been actively contributing to research data that is utilized for improving health care delivery and cost.

  • 60+ customizable tools
  • 100,000 users
  • 6 Awards & Recognitions

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