Success Story

Developing an eCommerce App and Mobile CMS for India’s Largest Fashion & Apparel Retailer 


The Souled Store is a casual apparel wear brand, based in India. It is a manufacturer and retailer of a wide range of quirky apparel, mobile accessories, backpacks, badges, etc. that are designed with pop-culture themes like superheroes, movies, cartoons, TV shows, and more.

It is India’s largest brand for official, licensed merchandise for sports teams, comedians, and musicians with licenses from Disney, WWE, IPL teams, ViaCom18, etc. The company has 5 million monthly visitors to its digital channels (web & mobile). 

  • $15M+ Funding Raised
  • 4M+ Customers
  • 4X Growth in 2 Years

Business Situation

The Souled Store had a web app as their digital source for selling products. In order to increase their market penetration, the apparel brand wanted to build their presence on mobile and thus, they were on the look around for a technology partner who could help them to build a mCommerce app from scratch. 

Along with a mCommerce app development with the latest features & functionalities, the Souled Store wanted their technology partner to work around the limitations of their web app and add latest features such as wallet, search, vouchers etc. In addition to these, the Souled Store had the requirement to build a mobile CMS that could manage catalogs, campaigns, widgets, coupons, vouchers, etc. 

The Souled Store chose Daffodil Software considering its unparalleled expertise in developing robust e-commerce solutions, extensive experience in working with funded startups, and the best cost-value balance. 

In a nutshell, the key requirements were:

  • Conceptualise, design, and develop a mobile solution that could exhibit an intuitive product buying journey from search to purchase.
  • Design an architecture, suggest feature list, automate the deployment cycle, maintain and update the solution.
  • Add latest functionalities to their ecommerce solution such as wallet system, option to return/exchange, automate sales process, search engine to perform complex searches, etc.
  • To build a mobile CMS on an upgraded technology to smoothen catalog management, sales, and campaigns cycle, etc.
  • To bring advancements in the existing web app in order to mirror the functionalities of all digital channels (omni-channel commerce).

The Solution

To start with, team Daffodil analyzed the existing web app of The Souled Store to figure out the features and functionalities already in place. This enabled the UI/UX team to understand the flow of the eCommerce store and discover the gaps in the web store. After a few brainstorming sessions with the eCommerce store team, the business analysts and UX team of Daffodil designed wireframes for the mobile app. 

A mobile app was developed, mirroring all functionalities of the web app, along with the following improvements: 

  • An automated system for managing product exchange and returns was developed. This included the development of a digital wallet within the digital stores to keep points and credit amounts.
  • A custom search engine for web and mobile apps was developed. It helped the Souled Store team overcome the limitations of their existing, third-party search engine service which was slow, had recurring costs, and manageability issues.
  • An automated system to start, end and manage the sale was developed. This enabled the eCommerce team to auto-schedule banners, and prices, manage timers on different pages, etc.
  • The eCommerce store was continuously scaling and the old-school deployment methods were leading to downtime and related issues. Team Daffodil implemented the DevOps cycle and automated the deployment cycle.

  • A customized POS system with compliance & standards followed was developed. Earlier, the eCommerce firm was using a third-party POS system that had limited features, had manageability issues, and recurring costs associated with it.
  • The eCommerce platform was made omnichannel. This ensured that all the purchases made through digital channels (web and mobile) have the data synchronized.
  • Monitoring tools have been integrated within the eCommerce apps to keep a check on performance, errors, or downtime alerts.

Moreover, team Daffodil took special measures to maintain the scalability of the app. Along with a modular architecture with automated resource scalability on the cloud, different databases are used for varied services. 

Mobile CMS: Team Daffodil developed a Content Management System that helps in managing product catalogs, campaigns, side menus, offers, widgets, coupons, vouchers, etc. Using Python as the core technology, the CMS ensures that the content is managed at run-time. 


The Impact

The Souled Store team was extremely satisfied by the way Daffodil has executed the entire project. They able to launch the solution in a timely and desired manner as Daffodil ensured that the deliverables were provided on time while maintaining the utmost quality. The mobile app has received an overwhelming response from their users, resulting in twice the amount of traffic on their digital stores. This has also lead to a significant increase in their sales.The mobile-based CMS developed by Daffodil has helped The Souled Store to reduce their product launch by a significant number. It has helped in automating product catalogue management, offers, vouchers and campaigns.Additionally, Daffodil has been providing extensive technical support in order to maintain their applications and plan for new features and updates.

  • $15M+ Funding Raised
  • 4M+ Customers
  • 4X Growth in 2 Years


Mumbai-based youth casual wear brand, The Souled Store, has raised Rs 75 crore in Series B funding led by Elevation Capital. The company has a large and near-cult “fan” base with 836,000 followers on Instagram and about 2 lakh daily visitors on the website and app. The company will use the capital for expanding its product portfolio on both licensed merchandise and casual wear.

-The Business Standard

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