Success Story

Daffodil enables Lybrate to bridge its technical skillset gap and reduce its go-to-market time by more than 40%


Lybrate is one of the largest doctor-patient engagement platforms in India that allows doctors across all major specialties and patients to manage and book appointments in real-time. Their unique and unprecedented approach to making healthcare accessible has found tremendous support from investors and partners. The platform is counted among the world’s most innovative companies of 2016 in the healthcare sector by Fast Company, has bagged the Most Promising Start-Up of the Year at VCCircle Healthcare Awards 2015, and is the digital partner for the Indian Medical Association.

  • 5 Million+ downloads
  • 150000+ medical experts registered
  • 40% reduction in go-to-market time
  • $15 Million funding raised

Business Requirements

Speed is a major strategic advantage for startups and being fast and quick to market gives them a huge competitive edge. Lybrate was experiencing rapid growth in the adoption of its telehealth platform that connected healthcare professionals, patients, pharmacies and pathology labs through an online portal. However, the challenge was to evolve the product further, implement user feedback, new functionalities, and features in a timely manner. Lybrate was struggling to maintain a balance between maintaining their existing product and evolving it to the next level. It lacked the necessary technical resources to implement these new features and product enhancements as quickly as their competitive strategy required.

Hence, Lybrate was on the lookout for a technology partner and eventually zeroed-in on Daffodil Software basis our deep understanding of the Healthcare domain, mature organizational capabilities, and abundance of skill set in niche technologies. The key challenges that Daffodil was presented with were:

  • To understand Lybrate’s business model and help them build on the initial success by not only evolving their application as per market needs but also keeping it abreast of the technology curve.
  • To improve the performance and scalability of the application as it was built using an obsolete technology stack as well as lacked optimized code, which was resulting in an unseen technical debt.
  • To incorporate various innovative features such as text consultation, telehealth and telemedicine modules, and patient forums, etc. in both the apps.

The Solution

Daffodil took over the development of two integrated (web and mobile) applications, one for the doctors and one for the patients, that were available on both Android and iOS platforms and were built using Java, Swift, and SQLite as the core technologies. Daffodil adopted the Agile methodology to manage the entire project. In order to boost the performance and scalability of the applications, Daffodil migrated the entire codebase to the Amazon cloud and multi-tier architecture.

In addition to that we were also successful in incorporating the following features in the applications to make them resilient, robust and provide a seamless user experience:

Text-messaging Feature: Building the text-messaging feature using Socket.IO enabled the users to have multiple concurrent connections with high delivery speed.

Prescription Recommendation: The “Add Prescription” feature automatically syncs the doctor’s and patient’s apps together and allows the doctors to prescribe medication along with its dosage information.


Appointments & Reminders: An automated prescription reminder system ensured medication adherence for the patients. An appointment booking module was developed to book consultation slots. While this feature helped manage appointment slots at the doctor’s end, it minimized waiting time for patients.

Diagnostic Integrations: Integration with certified diagnostic labs provided lab test facility at the patient’s doorstep and also facilitated online reports sharing with the doctors.

On-demand Video conferencing: This feature was added so that patients could avail the facility of on-demand virtual consultation with doctors, for better medical support.

Telehealth Module: This feature enables the medical practitioners to remotely monitor the patient’s health and prescribe them health advisory accordingly.

Patient Forum: An integrated feature that facilitates registered doctors to share healthcare-related articles with app users. They have an option to comment, like, dislike, or share the articles.


The Impact

Lybrate has crossed 5 million downloads at present and raised 15 million US dollars as funding with Daffodil as their technology partner. The application has experienced more than 10 million visitors since its inception and has been able to serve all of them seamlessly. The application’s go-to-market time was reduced by 40% by using the Agile methodology which enabled us to deploy individual modules as and when they were ready to go live instead of waiting for the entire application to be ready. As a result, we could implement app features faster with continuous integration and testing. This also allowed stakeholders to test the app functionality and output at various sprints. Besides all the technological improvements, the most important aspect that Daffodil resolved as the technology partner of Lybrate is the constant availability of niche technology resources to instantly scale up or scale down as per the business requirements.

  • 5 Million+ downloads
  • 150000+ medical experts registered
  • 40% reduction in go-to-market time
  • $15 Million funding raised

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