Success Story

Enabling National Nutrition to modernize its legacy application, automate operations and increase efficiency by 28%


National Nutrition is one of Canada’s largest sellers of healthcare supplements and sports nutrition products for the last 25 years. They carry the biggest and best names in supplements, vitamins, proteins, shakes, bars, etc. in addition to that, they provide services of certified nutrition consultants to help consumers find the best-suited supplements for their unique nutritional needs. The company has a collective customer base of 1 million from its online and offline stores.

  • 10M+ Orders Processed
  • 28% Increase in Efficiency
  • 67% Reduction in Cart Abandonment Rate
  • 7 Key Processes Automated

The Problem

With a significant presence offline, National Nutrition was generating 70% of its business through its retail outlets across Canada, while still generating 30% through its eCommerce portal. However, in order to increase their profit margin and business sustainability in the digital era, National Nutrition wanted to ameliorate their existent eCommerce portal with technical and functional advances

Their existing eCommerce portal indicated a bounce rate of 57.3%, which on assessment was accounted to sub-standard user experience, obsolete technical architecture, multiple bugs in the code, and unnecessary plugins.

Among the other challenges that National Nutrition wanted to address was inefficient supply chain, and human-factor errors that persisted with manual processing of orders. Hence, National Nutrition also wanted a comprehensive back-end solution to digitalize the entire supply chain process. The key challenges that team Daffodil discovered were:

  • The application required a lot of functional and technical advancements as it was built on a out-adated technology stack. Hence, migrating the application to an advanced technology stack was the only option to boost performance and user experience.
  • Securely migrating the sensitive business and transactional data of more than a million individual customers, from one platform to another proved to be challenging.
  • Understanding multiple business-specific backend processes and automating all the key business operations such as inventory, invoices, orders, purchase cycle etc.

The Solution

Daffodil’s team started with a product discovery phase to understand National Nutrition’s processes and find out what the users want. Our business analysts and software architects outlined the optimal architecture of the online portal and refined the functional requirements. Daffodil developed the ecommerce portal using Magento Community Edition as the underlying platform. 

An integrated ERP system was developed along with the online portal to accommodate modern ecommerce requirements such as customized reports, tickets and helpdesk systems, modules for promotional activities, etc. All the key  backend processes such as inventory management, supply chain, invoice management, order preparation, purchase cycle, etc. were automated.


Project Highlights:

Custom Report Creation: For an insightful view of products, its sale, shipping, etc., custom reports were created using MYSQL queries. Reports such as purchase history by customer, product report, shipments report, accounting report could be accessed through the website’s admin panel.

Data Migration: The entire business data of over 1 million customers and 6 million orders, was seamlessly migrated to Magento from DotNet through a custom utility.

Logistics Management: For product shipment management, the solution was integrated with Canada Post which is the primary postal operator in Canada.


ERP Integration: An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) was developed and integrated with the solution. Multiple ERP modules were developed for Stock Management, Order Preparation, Purchasing, etc.

WordPress Integration: For effective communication with customers and improved SEO, Magento was integrated with WordPress to provide a seamless blogging experience which will also help increase customer engagement on the website.

Newsletters and Transactional Emails: For email marketing and sending transactional emails to customers, the solution was integrated with Mailchimp that provided an intuitive UI for composing and sending emails.

Promotion Activity Management: The promotion module enables admin to manage catalog price rules, shopping cart price rules, reward prices, etc. to seamlessly manage and automate promotional activities. A custom gift card module was developed that allows admin to view existing gift cards, generate new ones, and import them from CSV files.


The Impact

With the development of the custom eCommerce portal on the Magento platform, which includes additional features and automated backend operations, National Nutrition has been able to improve its overall efficiency by 28%. The admin panel now gets a bird’s eye view of all operations from a single dashboard. The enhancements in the UI/UX and better implementation of promotional activities, multiple payment options, and improved architecture of the application has also resulted in a 67% reduction in cart abandonment rate. The modernization of the eCommerce web application of National Nutrition has helped the organization increase its profit margin and expand its market presence online.

  • 10M+ Orders Processed
  • 28% Increase in Efficiency
  • 67% Reduction in Cart Abandonment Rate
  • 7 Key Processes Automated


“I have been ordering products from National Nutrition for eight years. They fulfill and ship your order within a day. Their website has been updated and is easier to use. I highly recommend this online supplier.”

Via Trustpilot

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