Success Story

Daffodil helps PeekaMeet to transform their vision of an hyperlocal professional networking app into a market-ready solution


PeekaMeet is a hyperlocal contact management system that enables users to add their existing contacts from their phone book as well as find new connections to expand their professional network. Similar to LinkedIn, it aims to help professionals achieve their business and career goals more effectively. What sets PeekaMeet apart from other professional networking apps is its – nearby feature – which lets users find people close by to their location and create communities. The networking platform is available on both desktop and mobile applications.

  • 3x faster release cycle
  • 20% cost optimization for future releases
  • 5 full stack developers deployed

The Situation

Networking in business is about creating trusting relationships and friendships with other businesspeople. A key part of effective networking is helping other business people with their needs. The client had a vision to develop a professional networking app akin to LinkedIn but at the same time provide a niche to its users. To this end, the client wanted to introduce the GPS-based nearby feature which could let users connect with people with similar interests within their location. The key requirement was to:

  • Conceptualize, design, and develop the solution that could help users to connect with like-minded people in their area.
  • Build custom algorithms for effective networking based on location, interest, age and other parameters of the user’s profile.
  • Build the messaging of the product as well as guiding the client on ways to make it available to a wider audience on social media platforms by adding social sharing features and QR codes.
  • Integrate a feature to scan business/visiting cards of professionals and sync their information with the application.
  • Connect various social media profiles of the user and sync their contacts with their profile.

The Solution

Daffodil’s team initiated the project with its unique Discover & Frame workshop to define requirements, feature sets, the best solution architecture, product design and technology stacks. The workshop enabled all the stakeholders to get an in-depth analysis of the business idea, define a clear product vision and prioritize the scope. Once the strategic plans were mutually finalized, Daffodil’s team mapped the requirements onto the technology landscape. Daffodil’s UI experts applied design thinking techniques and role based user stories in order to build an easy to use user interface for the application. 


Daffodil helped in the overall designing and development of the mobile application and web version of the application. The web app was built on ReactJS, Redux, and the backend was built on NodeJS and MongoDB. The mobile applications for both iOS and Android were built on React Native. Admin was also built on ReactJS and WordPress. The key features of the product were to create local connections with the help of location service, save contacts, scan contracts, upload resume, import/export contacts, upload pitched videos. Google Vision and Google Maps APIs were used to gather text from business/visiting cards and for location services respectively. 

Since it was a single-page application, our team implemented the WordPress CMS for the client to manage their SEO. Static pages were also built on WordPress which worked as a strategically expedient solution. This enabled the client to modify content and SEO requirements and at the same time provide a seamless experience to users visiting these pages. The solution was much lauded by the client. 


For the scanning of business cards, we implemented Google Vision which captured the text from the card. Likewise, we also worked on more probabilities in capturing text for instance if something starts with https then that means it is a website link. Once the scanning part was over, Team Daffodil provided the client with a form where information could be auto-filled offering users an option to update and save their details. 

We also incorporated DevOps into the mobile app development cycle and set up a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, integrated with project management tools for each release to be deployed over Android (HockeyApp) and iTunes (TestFlight). This resulted in 3x faster release cycles and 20% reduction in future release times.


The Impact

Peekameet was able to launch and market the product in a timely manner as Daffodil ensured that the deliverables were delivered within the timelines. The adoption of DevOps approach has accelerated the release cycle by 3x and has resulted in 20% cost savings in the feature update process. Within a few months of its launch, Peekameet has been lauded for introducing a novel concept in the business networking ecosystem. With the idea being validated and accepted, its founders have a grand vision for the app. Peekameet is currently working with Daffodil to further evolve the application and plan future releases.

  • 3x faster release cycle
  • 20% cost optimization for future releases
  • 5 full stack developers deployed

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