Success Story

Helping a global health-tech company to digitize the demonstration of their Ultrasound machines


Our client is a global health-tech company based in Germany that aspires to touch every aspect of healthcare technology, starting from medical imaging and lab diagnostics, to adding managed services, consulting and health IT services. While expanding their reach to sophisticated areas such as therapeutic and molecular diagnostics, they strive to transform conventional methods of providing healthcare services by the means of technology. The client has over 40,000 employees with presence across 9 countries.

  • 5000+ global users
  • 1M+ demonstration sessions
  • 47% increase in client's CSAT score

The Situation

The client had launched a new line up of flagship ultrasound machines which they had developed after conducting over 170 usability sessions and consultation from 395 healthcare professionals from around the world. The client wanted to increase awareness and boost the sales of the ultrasound machines. However, one of the major challenges in demonstrating the product to the stakeholders was lack of any digital channel. Stacks of brochures were too heavy to carry around and emails didn’t work within the thick-walled, cellular-blocking confines of the hospital. Hence, in order to support the field force in their efforts, the client wanted to develop a web-based sales app that could allow the sales team to access any and all the information wherever and whenever they had internet access.

The client was in search of a technology partner who could help them transform their vision into a market fit product. The selection criteria included intensive experience in developing applications for the healthcare sector as well as creating visually appealing UI/UX with focus on user behavior. The client chose Daffodil Software as we brought on the table our years of experience in the healthcare industry, hands-on knowledge of developing medical applications as well as subject matter experts of online user behavior. On the development front, the requirement was to:

  • Conceptualize, design and develop an ipad based app bundled with entire sales content i.e. video, literature and high resolutions images.
  • Design a virtual interface that was expected to perform screen transition with a seamless UI without any glitches to provide a great user experience just like the actual machine was designed.
  • Orchestrate a robust and scalable application architecture that could allow the client to cater needs of a global sales team, without any effect on the performance of the application.
  • Provide support and maintenance of the application as well as ensure several functional and technological upgrades to the application.

The Solution

As a first step, Daffodil performed an on-site product demonstration in order to understand the key needs and translate them into a technological solution. The Daffodil team set up a strategic development process in place.Our expert business analyst team analyzed the application requirements, identified project risks and created a comprehensive development plan. The Daffodil team identified appropriate resources and converted this project into a standalone enterprise iPad app with virtual touch control feature using Ionic framework, ngAnimate, Angularjs, and Apache Cordova.

On the project management front, the project plan was developed using Hybrid Agile methodology. A combination of 2 different methods i.e. Waterfall and Agile were used to plan and monitor the project in order to provide the flexibility and transparency necessary to adapt to the fast changing requirements of stakeholders along with a step towards continuous delivery.


The user experience was one of the project’s cornerstones. We focused on creating intuitive usability to facilitate sales reps to easily navigate through the application and provide a seamless demonstration of the ultrasound machine and its workflows through 3D visualizations and workflows. 

Based on our firsthand experience and training with the system and sonographer, Daffodil built a workflow simulator within the application. It directly mimicked the Ultrasound machine’s  experience, displaying the exact same button configurations and workflow choices that clinicians who use the system everyday would see. Not only could reps walk their customers through what makes the machine’s experience better, customers themselves could take the ultrasound machine on a “test drive” without actually making the reps lug a huge $150,000 box from office to office.


A user can simulate different workflow tools like protocols, annotations and body markers using a touchpad and trackball. The complete “monitor control panel” was replicated in the app so that users could try out all controls before placing the purchase order for the machine. It also works as a digital “ultrasound sales companion” with pre-uploaded videos & literature to provide more information on the machine. A user could select different versions of the machine within the app and the app displays the different features available on the selected model number.

The user is also able to simulate different workflow tools like Protocols, Annotations and Body Markers using touchpad and trackball. The complete “Monitor Control Panel” was replicated in the app so that users can try out all controls before placing the purchase order for the machine. It also works as a digital “Ultrasound Sales Companion” with pre uploaded videos & literature to provide more information on the machine. Users can select different versions of the ultrasound machine and the app also displays the different features available on the selected model number like Nuance PowerScribe 360, M&R package etc.


The Impact

The iPad app received overwhelming internal support both during and after the global sales meeting. Since the launch, various new customers have cited the campaign as a primary reason they sought to join our client. This app helped our client to increase awareness about the new system that’s helping their customers to take informed decisions.

  • 5000+ global users
  • 1M+ demonstration sessions
  • 47% increase in client's CSAT score

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