Success Story

Daffodil enables digital transformation for the multi-billion dollar Dangote Group

  • 1 Million+ Digital Documents Managed
  • 90% Increase in Efficiency
  • 100% Compliance Adherence
  • 93% of Processes Automated

Business Requirements

Dangote Group was heavily reliant on paper with numerous physical forms used to carry out a process- many of them requiring multiple copies. There were also challenges around the length of time it took to complete a process, which added to the lack of clarity of the current status of a process. Dangote Group wanted to build a digital system for end-to-end management of their documents for setting up an oil refinery and cement plant. The objective was to enable state of the art facilities to unlock digital potential to automate all the processes; right from setting up the oil and cement plant to managing the entire business functions of the plant for the foreseeable future.

The vision was to assist the stakeholders in managing a staggering volume of over 1 million technical/non-technical, documents/records, which were populated over a time span of 3-4 years to carry out various engineering, procurement, and construction activities of the project.


The Solution

Throughout the scoping and pilot phase, our digital transformation experts analyzed the processes that could be optimized or digitally automated. The team also explored different document formats that the stakeholders deal in, document distribution for review & approval cycle, user auditing system, documents & operations, etc. Considering the requisites, OpenText Engineering, Plant, & Facilities Management (EPFM) suite, eRoom, and Captiva were selected for enabling digital transformation. Daffodil Software built a collaborative platform for receiving and sharing documents between various stakeholders involved in the project. For this, an Engineering, Plant, & Facilities Management (EPFM) and eRoom modules were deployed to streamline operations related to retrieving, storing, and processing documents while setting up the refinery and cement plant.

In nutshell, Daffodil enabled Dangote to move from a heavily paper-based environment to one in which automation and the use of document-enabled workflows was the norm.



Daffodil’s state of the art, document management system facilitated the Dangote group to seamlessly manage over 1 million documents with 90% increase in efficiency. It houses 500+ users, including the internal team, contractors, suppliers, and stakeholders, who collaborate in real-time. Typical processing times have been reduced by as much as 90 percent in retrieval and, in some cases, 100 percent where multiple steps have now been fully automated. Corresponding cost reductions have also been achieved. For example, cost savings of 95 percent have been realized for the top five business processes by reducing the amount of paper and therefore duplication, filing, searching, and reporting. Processes that would have previously taken hours or even days can now be completed in minutes or even seconds.

  • 1 Million+ Digital Documents Managed
  • 90% Increase in Efficiency
  • 100% Compliance Adherence
  • 93% of Processes Automated

“On behalf of Dangote Industries Ltd, I would like to thank the Daffodil team for their tremendous effort in automating the collaboration system designed for handling 1 million documents. Our project stakeholders have experienced an efficiency improvement of more than 90% due to ease in finding, sharing, and storing critical documents in real-time.

Daffodil Software has showcased tremendous technical competency by building a large-scale system for 500+ users at an optimal cost. Thanks to Daffodil, our team could handle all project-related documents with enhanced compliance and mitigate risks through better controlled processes.”

Mukesh Varshney,
GM Project Document Control & EDMS,
Dangote Oil Refinery Company Ltd.,

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