Success Story

99.99% SLA & business uptime with automated DevOps services for a global TaaS company

Client profile


The client is a global, SaaS-based, transit-tech company that provides public transport, logistics, and transit tech in 20+ countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, UAE, Switzerland, France, New Zealand, Australia, etc. It provides transportation as a service to several universities, school districts, transportation authorities cities, and private organizations to build end-to-end, technology-driven solutions & transportation networks.

Business Situation

The client offers independent and customizable solutions to create end-to-end transportation systems & networks. On-demand public transport, corporate & university shuttles, logistics, integrated mobility, and student transport are among the hundreds of solutions the client has for its partners. The client provides these integrated solutions in 500+ cities and manages them through 100+ AWS accounts.

With a complex business model and architecture in place, the client wanted standardization of DevOps for all the solutions. With decentralized DevOps practices, the departments and teams needed to be more explicit about the accountability & responsibility of operations. Some of the critical challenges that the business encountered were:

  • No control to access, authenticate, and authorize resources
  • Improper or over-provisioning of the cloud infrastructure
  • Centralized monitoring of the solutions was missing
  • No high availability & scalability setup in place
  • No private network to access resources and entity services

To work on these loopholes in the system, the client wanted support from seasoned DevOps & CloudOps professionals. Their search ended with Daffodil Software, owing to our immense experience in consulting, implementing, managing, and optimizing DevOps services at the enterprise level. One of the key deciding factors was our strategic partnership with AWS as an advanced consulting and implementation service provider.

The prime requisites that the client had from Daffodil Software  included:


  • Work on unified visibility of all the resources & operations. This, for example, included automated report generation for resource utilisation, monitoring, budgeting, auditing, version control system, etc.
  • Implement centralized DevOps practices that open room for infrastructure scalability, reliability, and clarity over the accountability of resources & operations.

The Solution

Team Daffodil streamlined infrastructure management activities with efficient and automated DevOps practices. To work around the prime challenges in the existing system, the best of all the AWS services were utilized. The key operations that were streamlined included:

Identity & Access Management: Assigned secure & controlled access to the resources using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service.

Creating a Private Network: Managed private network for resources, created topology within the specific region, managed the endpoints domain & SSL certificates, etc. using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and AWS Transit Gateway.


Infrastructure Provisioning: The infrastructure was provisioned on two platforms: Serverless and Kubernetes. All microservices applications were set up to run on AWS Lambda which was provisioned using the AWS CloudFormation Stacks.

Unified System Monitoring: For system monitoring and ensuring its high availability, several dashboards were designed to visualize the performance metrics at different levels.

Role-based Access Control: Single sign-on, role-based access was provided for private servers, analytics & monitoring services, and development tools for the developers, administrators, and other stakeholders in the organization.

Ensuring Infrastructure Security: Managed the network and infrastructure security with incoming and outgoing requests from the private network.


The Impact

By automating the DevOps services, the client successfully achieved SLA & uptime of 99.9%. With 360-degree centralized monitoring & log analytics, a highly scalable solution is created with zero-point of failure. Furthermore, infrastructure automation and provisioning have resulted in a 35% reduction in cloud costs.

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