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Daffodil helps Synergy Homeopathy to develop a homeopathy software with 700 volumes of digital materia medica


Synergy Homeopathic is a pioneering company in the field of homeopathy, renowned for its commitment to innovation and to the advancement of homeopathy internationally. Composed of a core group of homeopaths, Synergy is dedicated to providing cutting edge tools, technology and training for homeopathic students, teachers and practitioners.

  • 700+ volumes of materia medica
  • 1000+ references
  • 1300+ homeopathic ‘families’

The Situation

Synergy homeopathy had a digital materia medica in order to enable students and doctors to search for relevant medical information. Materia medica is a Latin term for the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance. The digital materia medica is driven by a huge database. However, the lack of advanced search filters was affecting the performance of the application. The average time to get an output for a search was very high, leading to an adverse effect on the user experience of the solution. 

The portal also needed an update at the technology level as there were several issues such as latency, low loading speed, and low concurrency etc. Moreover, the UI of the application wasn’t allowing users to seamlessly navigate through different segments of the materia medica and searching for relevant information was a strenuous task. There was a huge scope to modernize the UI of the application and incorporate modern features in the application.

Synergy Homeopathy was on a lookout for a technology partner that could help them with the technology advancement of their application. The client zeroed upon Daffodil Software considering our expertise in developing innovative and robust healthcare applications as well as unparalleled experience in latest technologies. The requirement was to:

  • Revamp the entire technology landscape of the portal and thus making it more robust and experiential to use.
  • Incorporated a user-friendly search functionality in the portal that could allow users to locate content by searching for specific words, phrases or rubrics.
  • To improve the UX of the web portal to make it more user-friendly and increase user engagement.
  • Develop a medical practice management system with different access levels and roles that can help their clinical staff and practitioners manage day- to-day clinical operations and patient data efficiently.

The Solution

Team Daffodil started by working on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the solution. As our team progressed through the assessment, a number of issues at the performance, UI/UX, and database-level were discovered. Our team rectified the issues through selection of right technology and approach in the least time possible.

A UI with new navigational elements, informational elements, and input control was designed for easy access to the materia medica. The new UI was designed in a way that the homeopaths could easily search for rubrics, view rubric information, have in-app access to the books, can filter out remedies, apply the advanced search for information, etc. Along with this, the new UI allowed managing the patients and cases effectively in a Patient Management System (PMS).


At the performance level, several improvements in the solution were done to refine the search. 

  • The users could perform a direct search, can look for a word within two words, within a sentence/paragraph, can search for information using synonyms/antonyms, etc. 
  • The content written in books is available as text files, and searching for data in a text file is a time-consuming process. To deal with the problem, the team maintained OFFSET keywords for the words that are searched often. 
  • The users can filter out information by searching for it by remedies, sub-rubrics, authors, kingdom, etc. 


Daffodil also developed a PMS module that enables the homeopaths to digitally manage the patients’ data and access it for further reference. The PMS stores information, such as personal data of the patient, consultation date, attachments (if any), previous treatments, symptoms, prescription, medicine potency, etc. The homeopaths can refer to the saved cases and even share them with other homeopaths for reference or case study.


Some of the other highlights of the solution include:

  • Users can translate book content, can read them by opening them in new tabs, view two books simultaneously on a screen by splitting the window. Keeping security into consideration, the books are encrypted when stored and are decrypted before the user accesses them.
  • Users can look out for remedies related to brain, vertigo, head, heart, nose, face, respiration, cough, and other 150+ related problems. The users can view rubrics and salts, detailed information of salts used in remedy, and move this info into the clipboard. 
  • The content moved to the clipboard is presented in graphical format using ReactJS modules.

The Impact

The client has been extremely satisfied by the way Daffodil has executed their vision and have planned for further updates to the system. The client was able to launch the solution in a timely and desired manner as Daffodil ensured that the deliverables were provided on time, while maintaining utmost quality.The solution has a whopping 700 different volumes of materia medica, with 1300+ references. Within a few days of its launch, the solution has been lauded by some of the reputed practitioners and teachers of homeopathy across the globe.

  • 700+ volumes of materia medica
  • 1000+ references
  • 1300+ homeopathic ‘families’

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