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Developing a GPT integrated conversational AI application for Verbee

About the client


Verbee is an application made with the purpose of making teams collaborate, innovate and grow better. The application uses the foundation and capabilities of GPT-4, the most advanced AI language model on the market, with a cutting-edge interface and user experience. As a business, Verbee can help you enhance your organization’s knowledge sharing and problem solving capabilities. The product is available for use on its website as well as its own mobile application.

  • 112300+ Lifetime questions posted
  • 62000+ Total number of users
  • 142000+ Number of threads shared

Business Situation

The Verbee team had a vision in mind to take the AI revolution a mile further. The aim was to reach the maximum potential generative AI could offer and leverage it in a way where it makes the most impact to the end user output. Verbee’s foundation is on OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4 API.

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that enables one to have human-like conversations and also to generate text, role-play and assist with code. ChatGPT exploded (Think – disrupted) in the market. It gained more than 100 million active users in two months of its launch to become the fastest growing app of all time. Though the rise was meteoric, it did come with its own set of problems.

One of the biggest challenges it faces is understanding context, things like humor and sarcasm. Another challenge users face is the difficulty in finding tailored solutions. The output given often is very generic and fails to serve the purpose it is intended to. Also collaboration takes a backseat when it comes to ChatGPT, as information/threads cannot be shared with teammates and specific people concerned.

With the intention of making these upgrades in the application, the Verbee team was in search of a technology partner that understood the current tech landscape and had considerable knowledge in the AI domain as well.

Based on the requirements in mind, the team chose Daffodil Software to integrate ChatGPT into a new interface application to tackle these limitations.

For building the upgraded conversational AI app, Daffodil was expected to deliver the following –

  • Design an interactive and engaging UI/UX to improve user experience as well as build a platform that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Fine-tune the model to assess and understand the context of the inputs better in order to enhance responses
  • Integrate team sharing and collaboration features to foster synergy among departments and greater knowledge sharing

The Solution

Team Daffodil developed a ChatGPT-powered app by leveraging the power of OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4 API to deliver an unmatched conversational experience. On analyzing the business requirement and market competition, a list of application features was created, followed by user stories and a development roadmap design.

After careful consideration and analysis, the project was initiated with the goal to build an application as well as a website for easier access. Team Daffodil utilized the best technologies and tools for the job at hand. The front end for the website was developed using React JS which plays a huge part in the smooth user experience while using Verbee. The application development was done by using React Native which gives the flexibility to build applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows and UWP by enabling developers to use the React framework along with native platform capabilities.

The application made a resounding impact, as it was deployed quickly into the market and achieved success. The common codebase facilitated the development of the website as well as the mobile application in a timely manner and led to a quick win.


The features were the standouts giving the conversational AI the edge it needed. The application included inputs for context as well as role. So the user can give a background to what is expected combined with their role/position at the organization. This gives the AI a suitable setting and scenario to provide targeted and relevant answers.


The application also included ways to get more specific information within a topic. The user could post questions within specific threads and deep dive into the responses being delivered at any point or even sort them according to conditions or specifications.


Knowledge sharing is one of the pillars Verbee is built on hence it enables easy sharing within the organization or with specific collaborators. Users can share entire chat threads on a topic at the click of a single button.



Departments or categories were also created to house specific domain threads. For example the marketing domain thread will have content relevant to marketing where users can gain insights and network with peers at the same time.

Apart from the above features, Verbee understood the requirements and limitations of its target group as a whole and thus offered a flexible engagement option. Verbee does not restrict its usage to a specific number of users but rather adopts a pay per usage strategy. This option would offer a lot of flexibility for a business utilizing Verbee in their day to day operations.


The Impact

By creating a much more user friendly and efficient version of the already existing ChatGPT, a generative AI platform, Daffodil successfully built an application for the Verbee team that helped teamwork and collaboration flourish to its full potential. Furthermore, its cutting edge interface helped to unleash the unparalleled capabilities of GPT-4. A recent performance report revealed that Verbee has answered more than 1,12,300 questions on the platform while garnering a high number of users that choose Verbee on a daily basis.

  • 112300+ Lifetime questions posted
  • 62000+ Total number of users
  • 142000+ Number of threads shared

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