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Helping an Australia-based Blockchain technology company to reengineer their e-signature solution


VeriDoc Global is Blockchain solution company that specializes in providing anti-fraud solutions to organizations to ensure they are protected against counterfeiters. It has a range of patented verification software that provides fast and effective services leveraging blockchain technology and QR codes. Their suite of products are serving areas including passports, ID, land titles, documents, supply chain, pharmaceutical, food track & trace, etc. 

  • 15% reduction in time to market
  • 2X increase in TAT on administrative tasks
  • 10X increase in productivity

Business Situation

Veridoc Global had been developing a software called Veridoc Sign for adding electronic signatures in high priority documents. This e-signature software was meant to provide faster turnaround times on administrative tasks and document verification across industries. 

To reduce the time-to-market for this solution, Veridoc wanted to extend their in-house team. Moreover, they were on the look around for senior resources who could work on existing limitations of the product as well. 

VeriDoc chose Daffodil for their experience in building qualitative solutions using modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Remote Process Automation, etc. 

The Daffodil team was able to thoroughly analyze the existing software and its limitations. Based on their findings, the team built a digital roadmap for the development of the essential modules and resolving of issues within the stipulated time. The requirements for the development of the software were as follows:

  • The Document Creator must have an easy-to-use provision for the addition of non-rigid document elements and placeholders
  • Formatting effects and fonts must be in line with the original document’s standards
  • Prevent distortion of the e-signature throughout the document processing and verification workflow
  • Provide ease of use on the document upload portal for signers and document verifiers
  • Include a provision for instant viewing of signer profiles

The Solution

With remote work being the new normal post pandemic, authorizing and verifying documents digitally has become a crucial need of time. Software that can let business authorities add e-signatures and verify documents digitally are being adopted to preserve security, boost administrative efficiency, and reduce the costs of fraud prevention. While envisioning the Veridoc Sign web application, Veridoc Global had in mind these and several other benefits that they could extend to their clients.

To work around the existing limitations of the solution, team Daffodil started by understanding the codebase and supporting libraries. The application had been developed using ASP.NET Web Forms and JQuery. With a limited timeline, team Daffodil worked with existing technology stack to fix the existing issues in the application. 


The following were the improvements in the new version of the Veridoc Sign application:

Improved Document Creation

The Document Creator module of the Veridoc Sign web application has been made smoother in the following ways:

  • One can sign into the application to upload a document, for e.g. an application for a loan. They can add signature placeholders, text elements, and QR codes for document verification into the document. These elements used to get displaced in the previously developed application but this issue has been resolved.. 
  • Fields for signatures, initials, and dates can be dragged and dropped, and standard as well as custom fields can be added. 
  • The existing coding of the Document Creator made it so that the available font sizes would not match with those of popular text editors. Now the font sizes are standardized and in line with most text editors.
  • Each event in the document’s workflow can be tracked in the Events Table along with the proper timestamps.

Accessing And Signing Documents

Once a document is created, it is emailed to the appropriate authority, who is someone with a Signer user profile on the application. Simultaneously, the completed document is stored in an Amazon S3 data bucket, ensuring its security and easy access. The Signer can fill in the signature placeholders through one of three methods:

  • Typing their initials and choosing an appropriate style for their signature
  • Drawing, i.e., holding and moving the cursor to form their signature
  • Uploading the image of their signature

The previously existing software often distorted the e-signature when the signed document was sent for verification, but this issue has been resolved in the improved version. Simple instructions and labels guide the Signer through the signing process. Veridoc Sign makes sure that the e-signatures are legally binding and widely accepted for business transactions in a court of law.


Signer Profiles And Document Verification

  • A data matrix with the Signer’s profile is created and attached to each instance of their e-signature. When clicking on the e-signature this data matrix would generate all the details of the Signer as a pop-up.
  • Additionally, every signed document has a QR code which can be scanned using any mobile device for verification. After a series of technology checks, this will generate the original document, which can be used for a final visual comparison.

Subscription Plans Workflow

A subscription plans page was created with multiple service-level options based on the requirements of each of Veridoc Sign’s customers. These plans include a free trial, a standard, a pro and an advanced subscription which depend on the number of documents that need to be uploaded and e-signed. The subscription status and billing cycle can be viewed and changed here.


The Impact

The new and improved version of Veridoc Sign is more secure, streamlined and provides for a smooth document creation and verification workflow. Impressed by the user-friendly subscription plans catalog, Veridoc Global used Daffodil’s help to create a similar one for another one of its products, Veridoc Certificate. The improvements made by the Daffodil team have helped Veridoc Global bag one of Australia’s leading banks to avail its e-signature services.

  • 15% reduction in time to market
  • 2X increase in TAT on administrative tasks
  • 10X increase in productivity

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