Success Story

Developing an AI-powered telehealth application for a US-based health tech firm

About the client


MayaMD is an AI-powered telehealth solution that enhances physician-patient communication and collaboration, providing an optimal healthcare experience. It has a suite of solutions that includes digital care assistants, a telemedicine platform, clinician decision-supporting tools, and remote patient monitoring.

  • 94-97% accuracy on patient triage
  • 10,000+ conditions and symptoms covered
  • 20% lower re-admissions

Business Situation

MayaMD had a proprietary AI-based symptoms tracker mobile application. Using it as a base solution for its healthcare application suite, MayaMD aimed to improve chronic disease management (CDM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) through its application.

To implement this initiative, the MayaMD team wanted to build a telehealth consultation platform that allowed patients-physicians to connect seamlessly. With this two-way communication platform, both patients and physicians could schedule and attend virtual consultation calls at a suitable time that suits both ends.

To develop a mobile application from scratch, the MayaMD was on the look around for a technology partner accredited for building versatile and scalable AI-based healthcare solutions and has proven customer experience in healthcare software development services.

Based on the requirements, MayaMD chose Daffodil software to build the virtual consultation application. We specialize in building robust healthcare solutions for hospital management, patient engagement, virtual consultation, emergency medical services, electronic health record management, etc.

For building a virtual consultation platform for MayaMD, team Daffodil was expected to deliver the following:

  • Integrate AI-powered symptoms tracker software for patients to examine their health issues and get recommendations for treatment.
  • Develop an appointment booking telehealth solution where doctors can initiate a video call, view the list of upcoming appointments, add recommendations, assign lab tests, etc. The same app (with different user login) should allow the patients to view the physician’s schedule, book appointments, initiate consultations, etc.
  • Integrate the app with third-party health monitoring tools for chronic disease management.
  • Develop a web-based admin panel that would allow the stakeholders to manage the users, services, ROI, etc.

The Solution

Team Daffodil developed a mobile app that enables patients and physicians to connect for a virtual consultation. On analyzing the business requirement and market competition, a list of application features was created, followed by user stories and a development roadmap design.

The mobile app was integrated with an AI-powered symptoms tracker that allows the patients and the physicians to analyze the health problem, based on selected symptoms. Moreover, the video consultation platform was integrated with a third-party vitals tracker. Coordinating with the devices, the application records vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, weight, and SPO2 for the physicians to refer them for chronic disease management.


Mobile App for Physicians:

The mobile app for physicians performs a symptoms check on the patient’s behalf using the MayaMD AI engine. The physicians can view a list of all the patients assigned to them, can monitor their vitals, review notes from the symptom checker, initiate video calls, manage booked appointments, etc.

Mobile App for Patients:

The mobile app for patients provides an option to request an appointment, adhere to medication, request medicine refills, billing & compliance report, set reminders & to-do tasks, etc.

Admin Web Portal:

The admin portal is a role-based solution that allows the permit holders to manage physicians and their schedules, create new accounts, manage appointments, revenue generated, etc.


The Impact

By modernizing the symptom tracker mobile app, MayaMD has successfully built a predictive, personalized, and preventive care platform powered by AI. Their array of digital solutions helps providers simplify and automate patient journeys, and improve clinical decisions, and patient satisfaction. A recent study with medical faculty and researchers from top universities showed MayaMD is 94-97% accurate on patient triage, whereas ER physicians scored 86-88% and ER PAs scored 65%.

  • 94-97% accuracy on patient triage
  • 10,000+ conditions and symptoms covered
  • 20% lower re-admissions

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