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Rebuilding an AI and IoT-based multi-source health tracking app


Healthgauge is a Canada-based healthcare app company that provides health monitoring options and offers insights about health with predictive analytics. The app allows the users to track blood pressure, ECG, digital pulse, heart rate, heart rate variability, pulse wave velocity, arterial stiffness, sleep, and more from a variety of wearable devices. Founded in 2014 by a collective of medical doctors, engineers, and computer scientists – Health Gauge was created on the simple principle: that everyone should have easy access to personal health coaching and biometrics.

  • 12+ health tracking parameters integrated
  • 10+ data visualization graphs
  • 25,000+ users

Business Situation

The Healthgauge team already had a mobile app with basic functionality to track health vitals and supported a limited number of wearable devices. Owing to their business expansion plans, they envisioned a modernized version of their application that could be integrated with all of the wearable devices available in the market and provide a holistic view of the user’s health data. Hence, they were on the lookout for a suitable technology partner who could not only help them modernize their application but also exhibit industry knowledge and know-how.

Team Healthgauge joined hands with Daffodil Software due to our unparalleled expertise in health-tech, cost-value benefits, and mature development processes. The key requirements were to:

  • Extend the functionalities of their existing app, improve application performance, and enhance user experience.
  • Modify the application infrastructure in order to integrate it with wearable devices such as E08, E80. that help users to track sleep, calories, steps, temperature, oxygen, etc.
  • Provide a real-time dashboard to view entire health related information in a graphical manner for quicker and real-time assistance in decision making.

The Solution

Team Daffodil modernized the existing Healthgauge mobile app that acts as a central repository of health and fitness data from various wearable devices. At the inception stage, the development team audited and optimized the existing codebase which resulted in the need to have UX updates and performance fixes in the app.   

Team Daffodil also assessed the existing codebase and functionality of the app. After analyzing the app and client requirements, new features of the app were translated into user stories by the business analysts. The new app would help users to track more health vitals (such as temperature, oxygen), analyze them periodically, maintain a healthy lifestyle and deal with chronic health conditions.


Using Flutter as the core technology to build UI/UX, a new version of the app was developed that allows users to manage and merge data from IoT devices. The tracked data is presented graphically on the app by customizing the graph plugin for Flutter. This data is converted into insightful information using an AI algorithm that analyzes the pattern of health vitals captured regularly. 


The app is integrated with several devices such as E08, E80 that help to track sleep, calories, steps, temperature, oxygen, etc. Other than that, an email service is established within the app that allows the users to send/receive emails, mark mails read/unread, create contacts and contact groups, etc. The health vitals tracked through the Healthgauge app can be exported and synchronized with Apple’s Healthkit and Google Fit. 


The app communicates with the wearables through SDKs. Since the SDKs for Flutter were unavailable, the team established a bridge between the native and flutter layer to set communication. 

In addition to this, the app now supports a medication adherence feature that sends a reminder (vibration to bracelets) to remind users about their medicine, water intake, stand-up prompt, etc. 


The Impact

The client has secured key strategic partnerships in the US to help ensure that it scales its market opportunities and enhances its ability to effectively satisfy growing product demand. Specifically, these partnerships are intended to assist Health Gauge in addressing FDA requirements for entry into the US marketplace. Team Healthgauge has been extremely satisfied by the way Daffodil has executed the entire project. The client was able to launch the solution in a timely and desired manner as Daffodil ensured that the deliverables were provided on time while maintaining the utmost quality.

  • 12+ health tracking parameters integrated
  • 10+ data visualization graphs
  • 25,000+ users


“Health Gauge, a revolutionary way to manage your health that combines wearable technology with artificial intelligence into one easy-to-use, accurate, and smart solution, has undertaken a 12-month Pilot Project and collaboration with Trinity Western University (“TWU”). This collaboration will be spearheaded by Dr. Anita Cote, a cardiovascular physiologist who holds a Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Adaptation to Exercise at TWU.”

– The Edmonton Journal

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