Success Story

Daffodil re-engineers database capabilities for Clientela: a New York-based e-commerce CRM provider


Clientela is a New York-based technology firm that enables some of the top e-commerce platforms to build powerful connections with their customers driven by up-to-date data insights. Having access to a global database of retail stakeholders, Clientela enables seamless connections between prospects and clients. Using their omnichannel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, they have completed more than 100 integrations with several Fortune 500 brands.

Business Situation

Clientela wanted to make the integrations and customizations for its brand partners more seamless. This would enable the latter to implement clienteling through acquisitions, opportunity identification, and associated functions to ultimately provide better retail experiences for their end users. The provider wanted to ensure optimized database operations when integrating its platform with brands.

Following in-depth scrutiny of the managed cloud services market, Daffodil Software was chosen as the technology partner owing to its proven success with cloud-based database management solutions. Amazon RDS solutions were leveraged to manage the proper availability, durability, and stability of the database with data related to demographics, merchandising, contextualization, and product lifecycle for the provider.

The database management capabilities to be enabled were as follows:

  • Increase storage throughput to enhance database performance
  • Set up automatic scalability to prepare for issues related to storage capacity exhaustion
  • Manage user accessibility during peak hours and reduce possibilities of downtime
  • Conduct query optimization to tune the database for handling slow queries
  • Boost the database’s maximum number of concurrent client connections
  • Carry out appropriate debugging as well as necessary user data encryptions

The Solution

In a bid to enhance Clientela’s database management capabilities, the Daffodil team applied its expertise in setting up its database for Amazon RDS. A carefully formulated assortment of AWS cloud solutions powered by RDS was utilized to enhance the existing database architecture in the following ways:

Storage Throughput Enhanced

Provisioned IOPS, which are input/output operations per second, were leveraged and additional throughput capacity was added where needed. This will help ensure that IOPS spikes can be managed during peak hours and I/O intensive workloads experience predictable high performance. Irrespective of the volume size and preference of the customer’s database, the desired storage throughput can be maintained.


Managed Thresholds

The team used RDS Auto Scaling so that the capacity would be scaled up automatically when the actual capacity goes above the provisioned storage threshold. Without the need for any additional expenditure and by using existing DB instances, only the already available RDS resources are utilized for storage auto-scaling.

Query Optimization

By leveraging Amazon RDS Performance Insights, the team analyzed all the queries that were running. Queries with the most time-consuming execution were identified. Reports are generated with the most frequent queries, the waiting queries, and the top queries, all categorized by query type. The CPUs for the slow query is reduced by optimizing the query and tuning is done to reduce I/O waits.


More Simultaneous Connections

The team modified the maximum connections metric in MySQL for Amazon RDS to expand the maximum permissible number of concurrent connections to the database. A custom instance-level modification takes effect every time the workload or the table/row level of locking goes above the threshold value. 

Security and Monitoring

The database had to be kept up at all times while allowing easy accessibility which requires proper monitoring of queries and instances. Using the AWS CLI or API actions we provided end-to-end observability across all database connection logs. The logs for RDS DB instance Amazon RDS console can be viewed and downloaded for deeper analysis. Using encryptions, and Amazon Key Management Service (KMS), we also implemented secure RDS.


The Impact

The technology provider was able to manage the risk of application unavailability, reduce infrastructure expenses, and implement proper logging in Amazon RDS with the Daffodil team’s efforts. The zero downtime and optimized database performance has been lauded by the technology provider for helping them establish better partnerships with more leading retail organizations.

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