Success Story

Daffodil helps a billion-dollar group to enrich & clean its database of 1M+ accounts with more than 95% accuracy


The client is a San Francisco-based customer engagement platform that is enabling innovators across every industry to reinvent how companies engage with their customers.

It  provides programmable communication tools for making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and performing other communication functions using its web service APIs

  • 1M+ accounts
  • 30+ data stewards engaged
  • >95% accuracy

Business Situation

The client had data from more than 1 million contacts and was facing the challenge of data decay. There were a lot of incomplete, incorrect, and old data records that required to be updated.

The client was on the lookout for a partner that could provide them with a team of data stewards with desired security protocols to clean, enrich and update the data for its Salesforce database. They had more than a million data records which included outdated and irrelevant prospect data. Following are some of the major challenges the client was facing:


  • Add relevant information and update the data for reusability.
  • Processing and enriching the data records while ensuring security and privacy protocols are in place since data is a very vulnerable asset and the client couldn’t compromise on the security aspects at all.
  • Update missing information such as job titles, email ids, company name etc. and standardise the entire database

The Solution

Our expert data stewards started cleaning and enriching the client’s vast database of more than 1 million records. The project involved three major data management services i.e. – firmographics enrichment, content enrichment, and hierarchy management.

During the firmographics enrichment stage, the organizational data was classified and segmented on the basis of various attributes such as company performance, size, location, revenue, market share, and much more. This allowed the client to gain deeper insights into the type of companies the prospects in the database belonged to. This step also helped the client filter out all the companies that were not great fits to be a part of its target market. This step also helped streamline and structure the data in a more systematic manner.


Content enrichment was a crucial part of the data enrichment process as it helped ass structure and context to the data records. Content enrichment played a key role in helping the client meet and exceed expectations. This process was aimed at providing highly relevant recommendations to the prospects as it provided a detailed understanding of its content items. The hierarchy management process ensured that the data is enriched to enable them to view, navigate, analyze and manage relationships across multiple hierarchies and across disparate applications and data sources. All the data records present in the database were not just cleaned, completed, and updated but their relationship and hierarchies were also verified to ensure the utmost accuracy in the data quality.


Our data stewards worked on the database through the client’s systems using the client’s servers with the help of a VPN to ensure that the confidential data does not leave the client’s ecosystem at any point to avoid any data breaches.


Following are the key highlights of the project:

  • Firmographics enrichment, content enrichment, and hierarchy management are being done for all the records by processing 5k+ data records on a daily basis.
  • Relevant information is being added to the current database to ensure data accuracy and incomplete data is being completed to keep it up to date.
  • Both valid and invalid data are being verified in real-time.
  • All of this is being performed on a continuous basis to ensure that all the data remains relevant at all times.
  • The data stewards are able to achieve 95% accuracy while performing all the data management services for the client database.

The Impact

The sales and marketing teams at the client’s end are able to benefit from 5k+ data records that are being processed and enriched on a daily basis. The updated and accurate data has helped the sales and marketing teams to run successful campaigns and leverage newer opportunities consistently.

  • 1M+ accounts
  • 30+ data stewards engaged
  • >95% accuracy


“We are very happy with the work from the Daffodil team. We used multiple data vendors in the past but Daffodil was the only one that was able to fill the gap which no vendor was able to fulfill in terms of match rate, bad matches, and stale data.”

 Head, Data Strategy and Operations 

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