Success Story

Developing a Custom Information Management System for India’s largest telecom operator


One of the leading 4G network providers for customers and businesses in India. It operates a national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles. Their wireless telecom has a subscriber base of 415.72 million and a mobile cellular subscription base of 1.15 billion in India.

  • 40% improvement in development pace
  • 25% reduction in TAT for task completion
  • 2X increase in clarity & transparency on their development status

Business Situation

Setting up an infrastructure for telecom services requires the involvement of different stakeholders, at different levels of execution. That is why it is necessary to have an automated system to perform critical activities like site selection, acquisition, planning, etc. 

Our business partner had a similar requirement. For setting up new infrastructure for their business, the telecom giant was developing a proprietary solution that could automate information management at varying levels of development. While they had an internal team of professionals to build a digital information management system, they confronted a technical skill crunch as the project started to scale. To work around this limitation, they were on a look around for seasoned professionals who could be a supportive extension to their team. 

The telecom company chose Daffodil Software, owing to the latter’s extensive domain experience in custom engineering and modernization. Daffodil Software was expected to:

  • Develop several modules of the information management system such as site acquisition, engineering processes, authorization & verification of processes, approvals, budget handling, etc. to automate the planning cycle.
  • Manage the loss of data from one stage to another.
  • Build transparency of data & development status.
  • Reduce turnaround time for task completion.
  • Improve the collaboration between stakeholders via automation.

The Solution

The telecom operator wanted to upgrade the processes by scaling up its existing information management app at a fast pace. For this, they collaborated with seasoned tech professionals at Daffodil to accelerate the mobile app development cycle. 

A team that specializes in Angular (for frontend) and Java (for backend) was aligned to co-develop an application with the telecommunication company’s in-house team. Following were some of the modules that team Daffodil developed to automate processes for the information management system:


New Acquisition Management: The responsible stakeholders can check for the site location, infrastructure requirement, location, approvals, budget management, etc.

Planning Module: Infrastructure requirement gathering, assigning roles, list of pending tasks, assessment of operations are some of the practices performed under this module. 

Engineering module: Layout, vendor, awaiting utilities, boards & banner placements, lightening, etc. can be managed through the engineering module. 

Likewise, other modules for automated information flow have been developed by team Daffodil. One of the major challenges that were encountered during development was interdependence of a module on another for completion. 


The Impact

By augmenting its in-house team, the telecom operator was able to improve the development pace by 40%, ensuring that interdependency of one module on another is reduced for faster completion of two or more modules. Furthermore, the team experienced 2X increase in clarity & transparency on their development status and 25% reduction in the turnaround time for task completion. Moreover, the information management system is enabling different departments to automate the workflow which significantly reduces the turnaround time for operations.

  • 40% improvement in development pace
  • 25% reduction in TAT for task completion
  • 2X increase in clarity & transparency on their development status

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