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Delivering a construction management app that saves more than 20% of documentation time for large projects


Docu tools is an Austria based real estate tech company that provides solution for documentation of sophisticated processes such as construction documentation, defect management, task coordination, and project communication.

  • >20,000 Projects Handled
  • >3 Million Photos uploaded
  • 68,000 plans created
  • 240,000 tasks completed


Bringing complex construction projects on mobile

Docu Tools had a web-based legacy application to help construction professionals to document their project. As they began to confront customers with complex construction projects, their software showed up technical limitations to keep up with high-end documentation requirements. The company found it challenging to serve such customers with their existing software and planned to take a big leap by modernizing their application as well as extending their web application to mobile

  • Develop a project management and construction supervision mobile app integrated with their web application
  • Render large PDF documents and 3D plans on screen while optimizing memory of the device
  • Build split views for simultaneous view of different construction site on a mobile screen
  • Provide pinpoint accuracy in the project plan and creating project documentation in minimum clicks.


Daffodil developed a mobile application that enables construction architects and engineers to coordinate on-site through smart workflows, integrated plans, and maps, task assignment and status modules, etc. A new backend was developed for the app’s efficient functionalities such as seamless rendering of large images on a single mobile screen.The application fetched a reduced running cost as Java is an open-source technology and the cost of implementing AWS is also minimal.

In order to reduce the image processing time, we used Libvips, an image processing library, and Amazon S3 for large file management, increased agility, and reduced cost.


Better Coordination Onsite

To have on-site coordination and control amongst engineers, docu tools facilitate the assignment and control of tasks, comment on posts and cooperate across teams. This ensures that any deviations in the construction plan are identified, documented, and fixed, as per predefined TAT.


Intuitive Workflow

Features like the split view to simultaneously view multiple screens, automated notification to stakeholders, and task summary in the notification center helps engineers to keep an overview of the data.


Integrated maps and plans

The core of Docu Tools is the clever integration of architectural site plans. It ensures that the plans are faster to upload and easy to find. New plans can be integrated with the application with ease.



As a result of the extension of their web solution to a mobile app, docu tools has been used to manage a number of building projects in more than 25 countries in Europe, ranging from large construction sites such as airports or train stations to residential complexes. A few projects that were implemented using docu tools include Vienna University of Economics, Allianz Stadium, Skylink at Vienna Airport (Terminal 3), Flextronics International Ltd.'s plant in Austin and Charité Berlin - one of the largest university hospitals in Europe.

  • >20,000 Projects Handled
  • >3 Million Photos uploaded
  • 68,000 plans created
  • 240,000 tasks completed

The most important part in software projects is the human factor. Collaborating with developers that are able and willing to adopt to constantly changing framework are for our company a key topic. Luckily we could collaborate with profound developers from Daffodil that fulfilled our needs not only on the technical level, but also delivered a lot to a good team spirit.

Dr. Gerhard Schuster, Managing Director, Docu Tools

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