Success Story

Employee Attendance Management Software Development for an HRMS company


The client is a leading software product company in Nigeria that provides a robust suite of HRM solutions. The HRM suite comprises modular solutions for applicant tracking, employee onboarding, payroll management, performance & talent management, workforce planning, etc, as well as a complete suite for human resource management.

  • $20M funding raised
  • 500+ clients
  • 2X faster release cycle

Business Situation

The product suite had been a success in the African market for enabling businesses to manage HR undertakings. However, in order to remain relevant in the cut-throat competition, the client wanted to introduce new features and modules in the HRMS suite. One of the most important additions to the existing modules was a module that allowed tracking of the time and attendance of employees.

To develop the time and attendance management module, the client chose Daffodil Software, owing to the latter’s extensive experience in custom product engineering and modernization. For this independent module development, team Daffodil was expected to work on the following areas:

  • Analyze the existing software and dependencies of the new module.
  • Create user stories to define features & design the workflow of the module.
  • Design development strategy, database, and architecture for the module.
  • Test, improve, and deploy the module, ensuring no impact on the existing modules.

The Solution

Team Daffodil initiated development with a few brainstorming sessions to understand the business goals of introducing the module in the application. This was followed by creating user stories, which after approval from the client lead to the creation of a development roadmap comprising architecture, database, and management strategies. Continuous development and deployment cycles were implemented which helped to roll out new changes and feedback at a 2x speed.


A role-based time and attendance tracking module was developed that would help the HR management team to have a record of employees’ availability at work and for what timespan. Moreover, the module enables the HRs and managers to organize work shifts for the employees (change or swap it). According to the changes made in shifts, the application changes the clocking time of the employees. 

According to the role- Employees, HoD, Supervisor, and Admin, the permissions are aligned to the application/module users. Adding new employees, creating schedules and shifts for the employees are some of the tasks that can be executed using the time & attendance module. 


The Impact

Impact: The new module added to the application now makes it easy to track & manage employees, their availability, and shifts, making the HR management solution more comprehensive. The client has successfully rolled out the new module for its clientele and has received overwhelming feedback. The company has recently raised $20 million in funding after some major fixes and the addition of critical modules in their application.

  • $20M funding raised
  • 500+ clients
  • 2X faster release cycle


“Daffodil has been involved in the development of a number of our consumer-facing modules and features. We appreciate the level of Daffodil Software’s expertise, responsiveness, and attention to detail as well as product development capabilities.”


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